Bears lose David Montgomery, Byron Pringle to injuries

USA Today

The Bears’ offense is playing shorthanded today against the Texans.

Running back David Montgomery (ankle/knee) and wide receiver Byron Pringle (calf) both suffered injuries in the first half and are both doubtful to return to the game.

So far the Bears are managing, with a 10-7 lead over the Texans. But Justin Fields is struggling, and the Bears’ run-first playcalling is raising questions about how much the coaching staff believes in Fields’ ability to lead the offense.

If they keep running even without Montgomery, their leading rusher heading into today’s game, that’s a strong sign that the Bears don’t think Fields is the man to get the job done.

4 responses to “Bears lose David Montgomery, Byron Pringle to injuries

  1. The Bears and especially Fields are looking worse each week. Chicago fans didn’t expect a 6-win swing this season but we did expect a team capable of playing at least functional football. Today’s game looks very much like the last few seasons and that means a short honeymoon for the new regime. They look like a bottom 3 team out there today.

  2. Well that was an interesting end to the Bears 1st half. We’ve known that Fields is a bit lost and but now we know that Eberflus is as well. He does know that in the NFL 1st half unused timeouts do not carry over to the 2nd half doesn’t he? If it’s his lack of faith in Fields then Fields should be sitting on the bench with one of those touch pads from Microsoft.

    it should also be remembered that although the Titans are really bad they are leading in Chicago at the half.

  3. Fields out there stinking up the place again, under 4min to play and he’s 7 of 16 for 99yds and 2 INTs! The Bears should have drafted QB instead of a RB that thinks he’s a QB.

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