Commanders, Jimmy Garoppolo never talked contract

Seattle Seahawks v San Francisco 49ers
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Here’s a fairly important “rest of the story” for one of this week’s Sunday Splash! stories.

It’s correct that the 49ers and Commanders discussed the parameters of a trade for quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo. However, per a league source, the Commanders and Garoppolo never discussed what the terms of his contract would be.

That’s a fairly important detail. Garoppolo’s contract at the time had him making more than $25 million in 2022, with no commitment beyond this season.

Also, at the time the Commanders were talking to the 49ersa about Garoppolo, the Commanders were talking trade parameters with two other teams. (Obviously, they eventually traded for Carson Wentz.)

Per the source, the Commanders pulled the plug on the potential for a Garoppolo trade once they learned that Garoppolo planned to have shoulder surgery.

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