Justin Herbert remains unsure if he can play, may get painkilling shot in ribs

Los Angeles Chargers v Kansas City Chiefs
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Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert appears to be a true game-time decision for today’s game against the Jaguars.

Herbert is expected to go through pre-game warmups to determine if he can play through his rib injury, and he may need a painkilling shot to play, according to Adam Schefter of ESPN.

Herbert became the Chargers’ starting quarterback in Week Two of 2020 when Tyrod Taylor, who had been the Chargers’ starter, suffered a punctured lung caused by a painkilling shot in his ribs just before the game. That has to be a concern for Herbert. (The doctor who punctured Taylor’s lung with a needle still works for the Chargers and is now being sued by Taylor.)

The betting line rapidly shifted from the Chargers favored by 7 points to the Chargers favored by 3 points on Friday, suggesting that bettors heard something that made them think Herbert won’t play. Officially, Herbert is questionable.

14 responses to “Justin Herbert remains unsure if he can play, may get painkilling shot in ribs

  1. Chargers have to be the worst team in the league when it comes to managing their starting QBs injuries. I remember them letting Rivers play with a torn on ACL on one leg, they somehow messed up a simple numbing injection in Tyrods rims and now lastly instead of letting Herbert just get healthy they actually thinking about giving him an injection of morphine and some numbing agent solely so he can get on the field

  2. Get traded to another team just for a day, then. Get your injection with another team Dr. Then have them trade you back to the Chargers. Sure, it’s a little more complicated, but prolly the safest way to go.

  3. Sit out a few weeks and get healthy. They probably couldn’t pick an easier schedule the next several weeks.

  4. Maybe the Chargers should stop using the “the man living in his van down by the river” as their team doctor. The Spanos have always been cheap.

  5. Even if he plays, he will be at diminished capacity. The Jags are beatable with Daniel at QB. Let him rest and recover.

  6. He can have morphine or aspirin whatever the doctors suggest. He should not play hurt. Cracked ribs mean you don’t sleep.

  7. He shouldn’t play.

    But the Jags did beat Miami and BUF last year in successive weeks.

    So I can see the need to keep him available.

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