Lamar Jackson sparks Ravens to 37-26 win over Patriots

Baltimore Ravens v New England Patriots
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Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson threw for three touchdowns in each of the first two weeks of the regular season and he went even further in New England on Sunday.

Jackson threw for four scores and then ran for a touchdown with three minutes left to play in the fourth quarter to put the Ravens in front of the Patriots 37-26. A rare missed extra point by Justin Tucker stopped the Ravens from extending their lead to 12 points, but a Marcus Peters interception ended any remaining drama.

The win moves the Ravens to 2-1 on the year and they’ll return home for another big AFC game against the Bills next weekend.

If Jackson remains in a groove, they’ll have a good chance of getting a win. The quarterback threw a pair of touchdowns to tight end Mark Andrews in the first half and then hit Devin Duvernay and John Oliver for scores after the break. The Ravens could not shake the Patriots, however, and a Rashod Bateman fumble set the home team up in Ravens territory with a chance to take the lead in the fourth quarter.

There would be no late collapse from the Ravens this weekend, however.

The Patriots drove to Baltimore’s 10-yard-line, but Mac Jones threw a ball up for grabs while moving backward in the pocket and Ravens cornerback Marlon Humphrey picked it off in the end zone. The Patriots forced a punt on the ensuing drive, but Nelson Agholor lost a fumble to set up Jackson’s rushing score.

Jackson was 18-of-29 for 218 yards and he ran eight times for 110 yards. Andrews had eight catches for 89 yards, Justice Hill ran eight times for 60 yards, and running back J.K. Dobbins had 40 yards from scrimmage in his first game since tearing his ACL last summer. The Ravens did lose left tackle Patrick Mekari to an ankle injury, so getting Ronnie Stanley back sooner rather than later would be a welcome development in Baltimore.

The Patriots offense put off 449 yards for a new season high, but four turnovers meant that there wasn’t nearly enough to show for it. Jones threw three picks overall, which helped negate any positives from DeVante Parker breaking out with 156 yards on five catches or the Rhamondre Stevenson/Damien Harris combo producing 114 yards on 23 carries. Jones also appeared to hurt his left leg on the final interception, so that will bear watching in postgame and over the coming days.

They’ll travel to Green Bay next Sunday and they’ll need to be a lot cleaner if they’re going to avoid a 1-3 start for the second straight season.

56 responses to “Lamar Jackson sparks Ravens to 37-26 win over Patriots

  1. Lamar is a beast. Worth every dollar of whatever he’ll get.

    As for the Patriots I don’t know what the word is for anti-clutch but that’s them. Literally everything that could go wrong does.

  2. The Pats had a winnable game through three quarters, but Mac’s poor decision making killed them.

  3. That was a dud by Jones in a good matchup. I still think everyone js a little bit dramatic about how bad NE is but he was not good vs Baltimore

  4. Defense couldn’t stop Lamar Jackson and the offense never really got going in the second half plus I don’t think Mac Jones is going to be healthy for the Packers game. Not a good sign for this season especially with the Packers coming up next week.

  5. I received a number of downvotes earlier by saying the Pats are a bottom third team. I can understand why…they’re clearly a bottom QUARTER team. New England fans would be wise to stop assuming the Jets games are “automatic wins” because New York appears far hungrier than New England so far. Amazing how quickly and sharply New England has faded after Tom left. LOL

  6. Does Mac Jones look like a franchise QB? Waiting for the excuses from TB6. Whinebaugh must have a blue print for Mac lol.

  7. Remember when peope actually thought Mac Jones was a better QB than Tua? LOL.

    Enjoy third place, Pats fans.

  8. The game was there to win the Pat’s have to stop shooting themselves in the foot with turnovers.

  9. Chalk up another loss to yesteryear’s team. They like to lose just like their toxic fan base.

  10. edelmanfanclub says:
    September 25, 2022 at 4:15 pm
    That was a dud by Jones in a good matchup. I still think everyone js a little bit dramatic about how bad NE is but he was not good vs Baltimore


    The delusion from New England fans is hilarious. Your team sucks, especially the QB. Get used to it. LOL

  11. touchback6 says:
    September 7, 2022 at 9:29 am
    Miami still not knowing what to practice. Love the approach from BB.
    Steals a game from Miami on the road early, confuses Pitt and Balt, while adding a layer of an offense for Mac to use.
    Mac is the OC.
    BB is doing it right under the media’s noses and they can’t figure it out


    Well at least he had one game right

  12. Jackson getting it done both on the ground and in the air at an MVP level. But the Ravens defense is not very good right now.

  13. clubpiscopo says:
    September 25, 2022 at 4:18 pm
    Remember when peope actually thought Mac Jones was a better QB than Tua? LOL.

    Enjoy third place, Pats fans.


    Third place? I am not convinced they are capable of beating the Jets. Mac Jones is terrible. Look at how many turnovers he’s had since mid-December of 2021. Clearly he’s nothing more than a backup QB in the NFL, regardless of how many trolls alleged he was going to be great.

  14. Patriots will start winning again when and if they get rid of Mac Jones. Dude is terrible and is a INT machine. Good thing for Pats they aren’t going to win more than 3 or 4 games this year so they can get a real QB in next years draft.

  15. As a pats fan I would like this to be a losing season and possible a top ten draft pick which BB will totally blow on some dude from tractor tech U … n all that free agent cash will only attract trash as why would anyone of any quality want to come here during the five year re-build ??? .. least we all had the Brady years as the universe now recalibrates n seems the chess against the checkers is turning out to be a mess.

  16. Time for BB to bench Jones since he’s absolutely terrible. But who will they put in? Ooops, they have nobody. At all.

  17. This is just BB playing chess instead of checkers. He wants to lose all these games so he can get a higher draft pick and replace Mac. He’s such a mastermind.

  18. Now do you believe Mac Jones is a bust? Don’t have the luxury of throwing to wide open Bama receivers. Bill you are still terrible in the draft. Thank God for free agency.

  19. riggedkangaroocourt says:
    September 25, 2022 at 4:33 pm
    This kitchen to hot for Touchback6! Mac Jones flopped like Vlade Divac


    I’ll assume he’s still asking his mommy for more Bb posters to hang in his bedroom. That kid is blind to say the least (and that’s putting it politely).

  20. Jackson has been flawless this year. The Raven defense is the issue. Their pass defense is atrocious. It’s even worse than under Martindale, which is saying something.

  21. Kraft needs to fire Belichick at the end of the season. The game has passed him by. He cannot win without an offensive coordinator, and he cannot win with any quarterback. Enough with the excuses and free passes.

  22. Oh this was sweet! What a win for the good guys! Enjoy the crow Boston! It’s what for dinner! Hah cheers!

  23. Really liked a lot of what the Patriots did on offence today, but turnovers killed them. Mac has lots to clean up

  24. Hope the kid is all right but it’s not too early to say Mac Jones isn’t very good. At least if you are a team looking for a long term QB. That’s 3 games in a row where he’s been terrible and you can even go all the way back to last season for that. The arm isn’t there. He can’t make plays with his arm and you have to do that in today’s game.

    And don’t think for a second that Bill Belichick isn’t paying attention to what he’s seeing from his quarterback and it’s not good.

    The Patriots are now finding out what it’s like to be every other team searching for that guy. It’s not that easy.

  25. Brady takes over at starter…team wins the Super Bowl (but the argument could be made that the defense carried them). Year 2 with Brady now the full starter…9-7 and no playoffs. Give it time. Brady was all world. BB will make it work.

  26. thatravenguy says:
    September 25, 2022 at 5:05 pm
    This pats team is completely irrelevant and will be for the foreseeable future


    The Patriots still have not fully found their groove yet, but they get better each week. The loss is a disappointment, as they were in this game until late in the 4th. BUT, having scored to pull within 5 at 31-26, the Patriots lined up to attempt a 2 point conversion to pull within 3, figuring they will probably see the ball two more times.
    They then proceeded to turn the ball over three straight possessions including that 2 point conversion attempt. They got sloppy when the money was on the table. They have trouble making plays when they absolutely have to have one, particularly if they are on a short field filled with defenders. The mistakes are fixable with coaching. It would have been nice to be 2-1 with a shot at 3-1 or 2-2 coming out of the first four games, which would have positioned them nicely considering the upcoming schedule, but I’m not overly distraught over this loss because I did see the kind of progress that they often make in the early season (the old extended pre-season thing). I am a bit concerned about Mac’s decisions and how they seem to be forcing the ball to Parker. That connection was improved today, but it also generated a turnover, and there could have been more. Mac was also lucky to avoid a pick 6 at the goal line. It’s like he doesn’t see people at times. This will improve. One thing I noticed is that Mac was setting his feet and firing the ball more, particularly on those longer passes to Parker. He’s had a bad habit of throwing higher arching balls that take too long to arrive, and it gives the safety too much time to respond. A lower arching ball thrown harder shaves a few tenths of a second off the ball’s flight time and it seems to help. A lot. More of that please. I felt bad for Agholor. He seems like a good guy, and he made a play to extend a drive that could have put the Patriots ahead with minutes to play but he had the ball punched out from behind, and did not get the lucky bounce out of bounds. I also noticed Jones on the sideline alone much of the time the camera panned to him, and Lamar was always going over film on the sideline with a coach. I did see Judge sit with him once though. I’m wondering if the smaller staff and o-line duties for Patricia are getting in the way of QB – O-Coordinator communication and strategy discussion during the game, or simply a voice to settle things when frustration levels increase. They also seem to be running whatever play is called, and often going with the intended receiver. Brady was less mobile than Mac, and he did not seem to be under this kind of constant pressure. Is the line that much worse? Or were Brady’s diagnosis skills so good he was able to find the open guy within 2 seconds of the snap? It took Brady years to get there, but he had the luxury of a team that could carry more of the burden while he developed. Hopefully he is not hurt too badly and makes a quick recovery. The Green Bay defense is good too, so it doesn’t get easier, though they have receiver injury issues. But….they have Rodgers. It should be a lower scoring game which will help regardless of who plays QB for the Patriots. Given what I saw today I think they have a better shot to win that game in GB than I thought when the season started. if they do, they are 2-2, with a shot at winning 11 games and squeaking out a playoff spot depending on whether they win some critical head to head matchups with other playoff contenders late in the season, and maintain a better than average conference record for the tie breaker scenarios. From that perspective it would have been better to win today against an AFC team versus next week vs an NFC team, but it is what it is. At this point they just need to win another game. Go Pats!

  27. thaswussup says:
    September 25, 2022 at 5:48 pm


    You sure did use too many words to say that the Patriots suck.

  28. POSITIVES? Patricia managed to up their per quarter point average from 3, to 4.17! Spread those little OC wings Patricia. Spread them like a butterfly.

  29. Lamar is a beast and the New England fans can’t stand it. I love it. You’re team is nothing without Tom.

  30. What? An article with Lamar Jackson in it and no trolls? I’m shocked! 😉

    In all seriousness, I’m really impressed with what I’m seeing from Lamar this season. In the first 2 games of the season, he destroys the Cover 0 blitz that gave him fits last season. Today he meets Belichick who actually takes his improved passing seriously and focuses on taking away the deep ball, Lamar patiently dinks and dunks his way down field and gashes them with the run game. This version of Lamar is the best version of himself yet. He’s in command of the offense, calling checks and audibles at the line, just extremely poised and confident. If his defense can get it together, they could be close to unbeatable if Lamar keeps this up.

  31. Patriots suck! All the hype behind Mac Jones because he’s supposed to be Brady’s “heir apparent.” I questioned his mobility but I didn’t know he was this bad! And I love to see it cry patriot fans I hope your team dwells in mediocrity for at least 2 decades!

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