Long Tyler Boyd TD stretches Bengals lead to 14-6

Cincinnati Bengals v New York Jets
Getty Images

The Jets sent the house after Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow on the final play of the first quarter, but the rush didn’t get there before Burrow delivered a strike to wide receiver Tyler Boyd.

Boyd caught the ball and ran through a hit by Jets safety Jordan Whitehead on his way to a 56-yard touchdown. The score ended a run of Jets points and stretched the Bengals lead to 14-6 as the quarter came to an end.

Burrow is now 11-of-15 for 163 yards and two touchdowns while Boyd has three catches for 91 yards. The Bengals opened the game with a touchdown and their second drive ended with a Ja'Marr Chase fumble.

The Jets looked like they’d get out of the third drive unscathed as well, but defensive end John Franklin-Myers hit Burrow late on a third down to give the Bengals new hope.

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