Nathaniel Hackett requested help, got Jerry Rosburg

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To his credit, Broncos coach Nathaniel Hackett knew that he needed help in making good decisions and making them more quickly. After a Week Two win over the Texans — a win that felt like a loss — Hackett asked for it.

That’s how the process of hiring retired assistant Jerry Rosburg got started. Hackett told G.M. George Paton that Hackett needed assistance. Paton approved it and, more importantly, ownership didn’t hesitate to add another assistant to a 25-man coaching staff.

They identified Jerry Rosburg as the potential addition on Monday. He attended practice on Wednesday and Thursday, and the arrangement was finalized on Friday.

Rosburg’s assistance won’t be limited to game days. Rosburg will work with Hackett during the week with different scenarios, aimed at getting Hackett to make a quick decision, and the right decision.

That was the problem with the fateful decision to try a 64-yard field goal at the end of the Week One loss to the Seahawks. Hackett made a timely decision. He just made the wrong decision.

Rosburg will now help him make the right decisions. If it works, we’ll never hear about it. If it doesn’t, it will only be worse for the first-year coach who possibly won’t earn a second one.

10 responses to “Nathaniel Hackett requested help, got Jerry Rosburg

  1. A 25 man coaching staff is ridiculous.
    That means that each and every individual starter on both sides of the ball in effect can have their own individual coach.

  2. Hackett didn’t make a timely decision against the Seahawks. A timely decision would have been to call timeout as soon as the third down play was over to discuss the plan(and get talked out of 64 yard field goal attempt)

  3. Unless Rosburg tells him to leave Boone on the bench, stop rotating Javonte out, and he doesn’t have to justify Wilson in every scoring scenario, then this is all a moot point

  4. How did Hackett even get hired? A good head coach doesn’t ask for help. He already knows what to do and when to do it.

  5. Hackett is the son of a head coach. How did his dad not discuss clock management? Or how did Nathaniel not pay attention to that aspect of the game? He’s clueless. I predict he’ll be fired after the bye. Sean Payton will be hired.

  6. Neither Hackett nor GM George Paton were hired by current ownership, so I think they’re both gone after the season. Hackett’s in over his head. He’s an X’s & O’s guy, not a leader or decision-maker. Nothing wrong with being a good coordinator and sticking to that. Paton has been picking up a paycheck from various front offices for decades despite not having a track record of meaningful success. Not sure why he’s been employed in the league for this long.

  7. Hackett has no idea what he’s doing. Russell Wilson looks completely washed-up. Whoever hired Hackett and bet on Wilson doesn’t know how to manage an NFL franchise for success.

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