NFLPA wants an investigation of the decision to allow Tua Tagovailoa to return

Buffalo Bills v Miami Dolphins
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The Dolphins scored a major upset on Sunday, with the assistance of quarterback Tua Tagovailoa. The NFL Players Association wants to know whether Tua should have been kept out of the game.

PFT has confirmed that the union has exercised its right to initiate an investigation of the decision to allow Tagovailoa to return.

Tagovailoa struck his head against the turf in the first half, after being shoved to the ground. He wobbled after he got to his feet. The training staff took him straight to the locker room.

Somewhat surprisingly, he returned after halftime.

The NFL provided the following explanation to PFT during the game.

“I can confirm that the concussion protocol was followed, including a locker room exam,” NFL spokesperson Megan Grant said via email. “These decisions, as you know, are made by a team physician and an Unaffiliated Neurotrauma Consultant.”

The concussion protocol provides that, “[i]f the team physician, in consultation with the sideline UNC, determines the instability to be neurologically caused, the player is designated a ‘No-Go’ and may not return to play.”

In this case, it was obviously determined that the instability was not caused by head trauma. Ian Rapoport of NFL Media tweeted during the game, and Tua himself afterward, blamed the instability on a back injury that had not been previously disclosed by the team.

Here’s the real question. How do the doctors determine that the instability was caused by something other than a concussion? The player, who wants to keep playing, will be inclined to attribute anything like that to anything other than a head injury. Surely, the process requires something more than that.

We’ve asked the league that question. We have not yet gotten a response.

28 responses to “NFLPA wants an investigation of the decision to allow Tua Tagovailoa to return

  1. They stated he was cleared by an independent doctor. Not sure what else you need. He seemed with it out there after halftime. Sometimes you just get your bell rung. Of course this would be the article Florio authors. He loves to hate on the organization.

  2. Not uncommon with QBs. They are always cleared the following week as well. Remember Wilson pushing off the blue tent and walking away. QBs are held to a different standard.

  3. So you are question the UNC, I know you are lawyer but are you a doctor too??? Nice speculation, cause your hot take is straight trash, keep hating Miami.

  4. 60ftlesbianoctopus says:
    September 25, 2022 at 5:41 pm
    One of many questionable calls by the officiating crew in Miami’s upset.


    Salty much?

  5. The radio call from very early in the game mentioned that Tua appeared to injure his back during a failed sneak into the end zone, because he was walking gingerly and stretching his back between plays. He did not cause an injury time out or miss any plays, so I don’t think there was any requirement for the team to “disclose” anything during the game.

  6. I get it you and Simms have invested a lot in your Tua hatred so I get it you hate Tua has and old school mentality….just let the guys play……we beat the bills

  7. How about someone open an investigation to investigate the investigation?!?!??!
    Ridiculous, and why would Miami be required to disclose a back injury that was clear and obvious that it happened DURING the game??
    Enough hate on Miami to go around for years

  8. So you are question the UNC, I know you are lawyer but are you a doctor too???


    Thank you buddy! These ideologues are something else. Scientific issues, in fact any specialized field, should be beyond democratization.

  9. I’ve had lower back issues that result in a brief loss of strength in my legs. I have been experienced the wobbly legs, unable to walk/stand and have to go to the ground to regain myself. I do believe that this was a back injury. I’m no expert but I would expect a head injury to result in a side to side, dizzy walk rather than one in which strength in the lower limbs is briefly lost. I’d be shocked if protocol was ignored/violated for a week 3 game, especially with the franchise QB.

  10. Dolphins fans couldn’t care if Tua cracked his skull.
    They got the win over Buffalo.
    That’s the real important thing.

  11. I’ll just say I’ve seen guys held out for less. UNC determined or not. That being said his health, and the teams conscious, not mine. Good win for them. Hopefully not at a players cost.

  12. You would think that a player that all of you trolls have called trash for years, you would welcome back into the game. Is the reason why you are really upset upset because Tua came back into the game, hit Waddle on two long balls, and set up the team to score the winning touchdown?

  13. I would refer the NFLPA to watch the two long balls to Waddle in the second half as proof he was fine to re enter the game.

  14. He clearly hurt his back on the sneak earlier in the game and there was nothing in that hit that looked like it would’ve caused concussion. His head didn’t snap back or bounce off the ground. Not sure why they’re making a big deal out of this.

  15. Can we look into how many times the bills took injury timeouts and the player came right back into the game the one or two plays later. They had like 50 timeouts in the second half

  16. 1) he went right to the locker room to be examined by an NFL independent doctor 2) he showed zero signs of issues the rest of the game 3) why would he just make up a back issue after already being cleared anyway? I have no idea why people think he “came back too fast”… it was close to 45 minutes in real world time

  17. For all you crippling back pain conspiracy theorists. When someone has crippling back problems they don’t return 30 min after the pain starts. Me thinks the Dolphins have some plaining to do. I see the league diving deep into this and the findings will not be favorable for Miami. After the huge concussion settlement the league paid to the players, they are trying to stop concussions. Not having a QB rushed back into a game to win one for the gipper. Should they be found guilty of said infraction, it doesn’t bode well for the accused.

  18. Ummmm WOW. Obvious concussion. He grabs his helmet/facemask after that awkward fall when he was just jogging up to the line…. HE DID NOT GRAB HIS BACK as he would have if it was back related….

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