Sunday Night Football: Broncos do just enough to eek out 11-10 win over 49ers

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Broncos punter Corliss Waitman and 49ers punter Mitch Wishnowsky combined for 17 punts and 838 yards. The two offenses combined for 528 yards on 122 plays.

It was that kind of night.

Denver finally put together a touchdown drive on its 12th possession, going 80 yards in 12 plays to take an 11-10 lead with 4:10 remaining. Melvin Gordon‘s 1-yard run turned out to be the game-winner.

The one-point win left the Broncos with plenty of questions but with a 2-1 record, tying the Chiefs atop the AFC West. Denver has scored 43 points in three games. The 49ers fell to 1-2.

The 49ers had three turnovers, including Jeff Wilson‘s fumble with 1:05 remaining, and they went 1-for-10 on third down.

They were 0-for-9 on third down until a 5-yard completion to Jauan Jennings on third-and-two at their own 32 with 2:49 left. Two plays, later, though, Jimmy Garoppolo tried to hit Deebo Samuel in heavy traffic, and Kareem Jackson tipped it and Jonas Griffith intercepted it.

Garoppolo went 7-of-10 for 84 yards and a touchdown in the first quarter. He finished 18-of-29 for 211 yards with one touchdown and an interception. Garoppolo also took a safety, running out of the end zone with Mike Purcell bearing down on him, and lost a fumble.

The Broncos had their own problems on offense, gaining 261 yards.

Russell Wilson went 20-of-33 for 184 yards and ran for 17 yards on six carries.

51 responses to “Sunday Night Football: Broncos do just enough to eek out 11-10 win over 49ers

  1. Good game Denver, it was a day for ugly wins.

    I think every criticism levied at Jimmy G or Shanahan were highlighted today. From the miscues to the play calling -respectively. Still a long season but this one hurts considering our opponent next week.

    Wilson can add another notch to his belt, he has owned this team the majority of his career.

    Go Niners

  2. Russ may be past his prime but until he gets an NFL caliber coach who knows what he has left.

  3. I guess we owe Coach Hackett an apology. It seems he belongs in the GOAT coach conversation after all.

  4. Both these teams were playing to each other’s level. Is it just me or do the Broncos mirror the Seahawks with Russ? He’s no savior like Manning that’s for sure. Hopefully this is good for his ego and “legacy”.

  5. It’s play like this that made people want to move from garapollo to Lance. Unfortunately we’ll have to wait till next year to see what’s he got.
    Stop saying that niners chances went up with Jimmy

  6. My Friend who is a Lions fan told me that when Jimmy G ran out of the end zone, it made him smile just a little bit. And the Niners lost Trent Williams on the same play. Brutal.

  7. Don’t need a 35-34 game to be exciting. That was a win the Broncos can build on. Let’s see what they do next week against a desparate Vegas team. Wilson may have found his footing tonight. Tip of the cap to Bronco fans. They create a great atmosphere.

  8. Few things in this world make an NFL defense appear all-pro as much as Jimmy Garoppolo and Russell Wilson.

  9. And, some folks thought you could just add Russell Wilson and Denver would become an instant Super Bowl contender.
    Did they watch the Broncos last season? Russell Wilson in Seattle last year?
    Guess not.

  10. A win is a win. The Bronco’s defense is amazing. I can see why the 49ers want Tre Lance to be their QB

  11. Took a safety, threw a pick six, and lost a hall of fame tackle at the same time. That takes some kind of special talent right there.

  12. Jimmy”G”arbage strikes again it’s always just a matter of time before he implodes and turns the ball over every freakin game

  13. Hey Broncos, how you enjoying Russ’s cooking? You paid a king’s ransom for a guy barely above your last QB.

  14. WOW that was a horrible display i guess this is letting Russ Cook at its finest?? 11 points.

  15. Self proclaimed football lovers when they have to watch a low scoring game with good defense and ST instead of a 56-53 shootout-🤬😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬

  16. 49ers defense is Super Bowl caliber. Broncos also have a really good defense. Jimmy G blows, that is why he was relegated to backup. Deebo was open for two easy TD’s and Jimmy screwed up as usual. Not surprising. As a 49ers fan it is frustrating to see our Super Bowl window close with bad QB play and constant injuries (Yeah, I know everyone else gets injuries but ours have been absolutely ridiculous over the past several years). Just going to sit back and enjoy football this year. Hopefully a team like the Bills, who have never won it and have had heartbreaking losses in the past, get their SB this year.

  17. footfan68 says:
    September 25, 2022 at 11:41 pm
    Hey Broncos fans! Don’t you feel like Drew Lock could have gotten you eleven? 😁—‐——————————————–Yeah but Drew Lock would have also given the 9ers at least 14.

  18. Only the second 11-10 final score in NFL history. Wonder if anyone recalls the first? Steelers and Cowboys fans should remember.

  19. A win is a win. How many people on the east coast stayed up for this one? The AFC west appears to be overrated.

  20. Each QB had exactly one decent drive in their tank last night. The difference was that Jimmy had it early in the first and Wilson had it late in the fourth. Two terrible offensive game plans. I can understand the first year rookie coach in Denver but that blowhard Shanahan is totally clueless. The D and special teams got the ball back for Jimmy eleven (11!) times and only got 3 points.

  21. The Broncos look terrible and they just basically put all their eggs in the basket with Russell Wilson.

  22. Low scoring games are fine with me. But this was one of the most poorly played games I have ever seen. If there was ever a game where neither team deserved to win this was it. Let Russ cook is more like Russ is cooked.

  23. Ut ohhhh. Here come the rule changes. The Packers Bucs was supposed to be a marquee game. This was too. The league wants scoring. They will stand for a lot, such as criminal behavior from players, but they won’t stand for a 11-10 outcome.

  24. Good defense? Did Denver pay all that money to have Wilson hand off the ball and miss WR’s? If QB’s can’t complete short passes, due to inaccuracy, in an 11-10 game, that doesn’t mean it was good defense. That was two subpar QB’s playing below average. One couldn’t solidify the win by getting 1st downs. The other, literally, got a safety and tried to throw a pick 6 on the same play. That was worse than Orlovasky…

  25. As a Niner follower, I am very hard pressed to find an appropriate label for this one – great display of defense both squads, really bad play calling, inept offenses across the board – or just 3-plus hours wasted?? Anyway, I could not get to the delete button on my DVR fast enough. Amazing.

  26. So which media take that they pushed over the offseason so far has been the worst? That the AFC West had the best QB’s in the league and would be scoring like crazy or that the Browns would regret letting Baker Mayfield go because he was the only reason they were a .500 team with 1 playoff appearance in 4 years after going 1-31 previously.

    The NFL media have been taking a lot of L’s lately.

  27. Broncos OL is terrible, but how many drops did they have from receivers? Russell missed a couple short passes, but Jeudy & Sutton missed several down field throws that were on the mark.

  28. I thought it interesting that the one drive out of the last 14 that saw the Broncos find the endzone, Wilson played the way Pete wanted him to and the say he thought he was above.

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