What did Chris Jones say to Matt Ryan? No one is saying

NFL: OCT 30 Chiefs at Colts
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The drive that ended with the Colts taking a fourth-quarter lead over the Chiefs was saved by a flag thrown on Kansas City defensive lineman Chris Jones after what should have been a sack that forced a punt.

The officials penalized Jones for saying something to quarterback Matt Ryan. So what did Jones say? No one is saying.

After the game, pool reporter Adam Teicher interviewed referee Shawn Smith about the call.

“Just curious on what Chris Jones of the Chiefs said to get the unsportsmanlike conduct penalty in the fourth quarter?” Teicher asked.

“It was abusive language towards an opponent,” Smith said.

“And that was it?”

“Yes,” Smith said.

“Can you elaborate on exactly what he said?” Teicher asked.

“No, but it will be in our game report.”

“Did it involve profanity?”

“It was just abusive language, nothing more specific than that,” Smith said.

Ryan was asked after the game about what was said. He declined to specify the comment. Jones privately has passed on saying what happened. However, we’re told that he was shocked he was penalized. Jones believes that the comment was taken out of context by the officials.

Eventually, maybe we’ll find out what the comment was. For now, we know that the penalty extended the eventual game-winning drive.

22 responses to “What did Chris Jones say to Matt Ryan? No one is saying

  1. He called him a cotton headed ninny muggins. We’re all waiting for the looming suspension.

  2. Guys like Dick Butkus would not even be allowed to play in Today’s NFL….. Penalties for saying something mean to an opposing player? C’mon…

  3. I would be pissed if I was on the Chiefs. What difference does it make if the comment could be taken out of context. Jones should have kept his mouth shut. The game is on the and Chris thinks that’s the time to talk smack. So stupid!

  4. so basically now the refs have another weapon to influence the outcome of games. penalties for mean words, but only when necessary to determine a winner or loser.

  5. Several years ago the league said that the use of a particular word on the field would result in a penalty, even if used in friendly manner. I could see Jones saying something like “Nah, nah, not this time, ___!” that was not inherently or intentionally abusive but crossed the line, and the word is so loaded that no one – no one – dares to say it.

  6. Would love to know what he said and compare it to Brady’s chirping last week in New Orleans.

    Fans invest in these games with loyalty, merchandise sales, ticket sales, Sunday Ticket, and gambling. This is an integrity issue, as is owners throwing games and the league sweeping it under the rug, the inconsisteny in suspension lengths, etc.

    Even after the lack of transpancy today, the league needs a leadership overhaul.

    The only thing consistent: The Raiders suck.

  7. How about sacking him, keeping your flipping mouth shut, and getting off the field like a Professional?

    Is that too much to ask?


  8. I was watching this play saying to myself chiefs won. Then i saw how it took like an extra moment for Chris Jones to get off Matt Ryan and I said a personal foul can save this GW drive. Sure enough.

  9. Go to a pop Warner game. They already have them dancing, pointing, yelling at each other, you name it.

    High school? Don’t even get me started. They think they made it already.

  10. Here’s an idea. You sacked him, now celebrate with your teammates and get off the field. Chris Jones has no one to blame but himself.

  11. Too much “look at me” garbage. Too much celebrating everything – some genius celebrating a sack when his team is down by 20. Too much “chirping”. Make the play. Act like you’ve done it before and move on to the next play. Some of these guys are like spoiled little kids playing a man’s game.

  12. I made a comment on a different post here about how I was disappointed that Jones got flagged. I thought he said something to the ref. He didn’t. So my question would be-is this the NFL’s version of the George Carlin bit “The 7 words you can’t say on TV”? This seems like a very subjective decision; would a different ref have thrown a flag? I’m not trying to make a constitutional argument about free speech. But c’mon; where would this end?

  13. If you are going to talk trash, be smarter about it and not say it right in front of the two refs literally standing 2′ away from you

  14. Early game special teams mistakes, an injured kicker, and lack of running game really showed up for KC. Sadly, despite all of that, if a veteran DT just makes the tackle and walks off the field, Chiefs are likely 3-0. The special teams and kicking issues should get better, the running game…. That could keep them from worse things than just losing to the colts.

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