As more pressure builds on Brett Favre, SiriusXM pauses his weekly show

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At a time when some keep complaining that the media isn’t aggressively covering the ongoing welfare-money scandal involving Brett Favre, the media is aggressively covering the ongoing welfare-money scandal involving Brett Favre.

Tonight, NBC Nightly News had another item focused on the scandal and Favre’s role in it.

The story focuses on the latest round of text messages that have been released via court filings. The texts suggest that Favre was aware of legality concerns regarding his ongoing effort to get federal welfare funds for purposes unrelated to helping the poor.

Although Favre has not yet been accused of criminal wrongdoing, SiriusXM has put his radio show on hold, joining ESPN Milwaukee. Also has paused Favre’s relationship with the site.

If Favre broke the law, he should be held fully accountable for his behavior.

8 responses to “As more pressure builds on Brett Favre, SiriusXM pauses his weekly show

  1. chipkellyssunvisor says:
    September 26, 2022 at 9:04 pm
    Something about that green and yellow uniform…

    Yes, there is. That’s why he was sent packing. He needed a team that would look the other way for the sake of winning. He chose purple.

  2. Why has Favre not been charged with criminal activity yet? There is more incriminating evidence coming out about him almost daily. Look at everyone cutting ties with him.

  3. It’s only a matter of time before criminal charges are announced against this good ole boy from Mississippi. This has the feeling of prosecutors making their case air tight before proceeding. There’s no way these latest text messages will match his previous statements to the FBI, and two others have already plead guilty. Will they roll on him with any further dirt? I don’t think they even need to, he’s already destroyed his reputation and looks super guilty as a facilitator / pressure if them using his name and fame

  4. Favre would end up in the Martha Stewart, white collar country club. Just a further waste of government resources. Same with the very public spectacle (“trial”) they would put on.

    Seems to me the government/state of Mississippi would be best served fining him an obscene amount and letting him get back to his tractor.

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