Baker Mayfield: We’ll take wins when we get them, but I have to be better

New Orleans Saints v Carolina Panthers
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Baker Mayfield won his first game as a member of the Panthers on Sunday, but he wasn’t full of good cheer about his performance after beating the Saints.

Mayfield was 12-of-25 for 170 yards and a touchdown in the 22-14 victory, which left him to say that “we’ll take wins whenever we get them” while he was discussing the game with reporters. Mayfield joined the Panthers just before training camp and has not had a long time to get comfortable in the offense, but he said that is no excuse for the way he’s played through three weeks of the season.

“It doesn’t matter. There’s no acclimation period for me,” Mayfield said, via the team’s website. ” I know there’s going to be bumps in the road, but I expect to be a whole lot better than I’ve been so far. I’m just going to continue to be my own biggest critic and just continue to push these guys.”

Mayfield will shoot for a better outing against the Cardinals next weekend and moving the record to 2-2 would make it easier to deal with any improvements that need to be made in the future.

7 responses to “Baker Mayfield: We’ll take wins when we get them, but I have to be better

  1. Unfortunately for Panther fans, Baker is who he is…..average. He’s a backup. So glad to have Jacoby

  2. Reading those comments made me think I was looking at an old interview after a Browns game. Sometimes, despite what we want to believe about a guy, he is just a guy. I think this is what you get with Baker. Sometimes he can get on a streak but mostly, he isn’t really outstanding. I’d expect a QB controversy for the Panthers soon.

    No ill will about his time in Cleveland. I really think he and his family were all class as they were leaving. Just at the end of the day, his QB skills aren’t… good.

  3. At least no fumbled snaps or batted down balls yesterday. NOW for him to work with his receivers, CMC and stop throwing over their heads.
    BTW Kyler Murray, THIS is how you respond to a bad performance. 🙂

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