Can 24 votes be mustered against Daniel Snyder?

Washington Redskins  and the Philadelphia Eagles
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If 24 owners vote to remove Commanders owner Daniel Snyder from Club Oligarch, Snyder will be compelled to sell. (After, of course, any and all options and strategies in court are exhausted.)

As the Washington Post reported on Friday, some owners are ready to move on. The question becomes whether enough will say yes. Or, putting it another way, whether nine would say no.

Per a source with knowledge of the dynamics, there is a “growing consensus” within some ownership circles that dumping Snyder would be the right move. However, it’s too early to know whether 24 will sign off of telling Snyder to get out.

As the source put it, it’s more likely now than it was six or 12 months ago. The question becomes whether additional information will emerge to move the needle closer to the requisite two dozen.

The two biggest potential sources of more possibly detrimental developments continue to be the ongoing work of the House Oversight Committee and the league’s in-house investigation, currently being conducted by Mary Jo White. Launched in February, the league recently said there’s no timeline for a final report. Whenever White finishes her work, Snyder may finally be on the clock for a long overdue fight with the league.

8 responses to “Can 24 votes be mustered against Daniel Snyder?

  1. Hopefully he takes the o-line, linebackers and secondary (minus the safeties) with him if he is forced to exit. If it’s not one thing, it’s another with this poor excuse of a NFL franchise. Burn it down and rebuild once the dust settles.

  2. My wish before I die…..a professional football team in the DC area that was owned by someone who’s character, morals and ethics were not publicly debated in the media on a regular basis. Someone who truly cares about our community, the teams personnel, the players, and the fans. Someone that understands ownership is so much more than filling seats. Someone who understands that if you make all of the above a priority, they will come. I for one, think Dan Snyder has had multiple opportunities to get it right. I think the Commanders are cursed as long as the current ownership remains in place. This is a dysfunctional relationship that has played out. If Dan Snyder is the man he claims to be, he will realize that this ship has long sailed and the honorable thing to do is sell his team and let the fan base heal.

  3. If a large group of owners or the league want him out, they could release a report of the findings and there’d likely be no other choice.

  4. If the Washington Commodes continue to play like they did this last game, you’d be hard pressed to find a single vote against Snyder. Every league wants easy wins.

  5. Why would other owners want him gone? Snyder’s team is almost a guaranteed win for opposing teams every week.

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