Dan Campbell regrets trying 54-yard field goal in fourth quarter

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The Lions were aggressive about going for it on fourth down for most of Sunday’s game against the Vikings, but head coach Dan Campbell opted for a different course of action late in the fourth quarter.

Detroit faced a fourth-and-four from the Vikings’ 36-yard-line with 1:14 left in a game they were leading 24-21 and Campbell chose to try a 54-yard field goal rather than go for a first down that would have made it almost impossible for Minnesota to come back. Austin Seibert missed the kick and the Vikings drove 56 yards in three plays for a 28-24 win.

The Lions had been 4-of-6 on fourth down conversions and Campbell opened his postgame press conference by saying he made the wrong call.

“I freakin’ regret my decision there at the end,” Campbell said, via Colton Pouncy of TheAthletic.com. “I should have gone for it on fourth down. I told the team that we should’ve gone for it. . . . I just hate the decision. I wish I would’ve put it back in their hands offensively and so be it. I just wish I would’ve done that.”

Even if Seibert had made the kick, the Lions would have been up six points and the Vikings would have won the game with a touchdown. The Lions could have also opted to punt or take a delay of game and then punt if they didn’t have a fourth down play they loved in that spot.

There was a lot of talk about the Lions being close in the aftermath of Sunday’s loss and the first three weeks of the season have provided plenty of evidence of that. Taking the next step will require better execution, planning, and in-game decision making across the board.

24 responses to “Dan Campbell regrets trying 54-yard field goal in fourth quarter

  1. This is a real head-scratcher; they were 4/6 on 4th down prior. Kick a FG to go up 6? Made no sense.

  2. Not THAT much of a head scratcher really. 4th and FOUR is not Fourth and inches. Very good possibility of getting stoned trying to run it. Despite the earlier success.

    The aggressiveness paid off a couple of times, but it also cost them the game. They were stuff in the Red Zone earlier, negating some points.

    He made the right call, not risking it. They lost. It happens. They are clearly better, but not quite there. Shouldn’t have been that close. That stupid Donatell defense with 6000 yard cushions on WRs has to change or the Vikings will be playing from behind in EVERY game this season.

  3. If he had a great 4th down play, use it. At worst, take a Delay of Game penalty, punt and make Vikings start inside 10yd. line.

  4. I suppose the thought is you make the FG and the other team has to drive the length of the field and score a TD rather than tie it with a FG. I mean, it’s not that bad an idea and Shane in the defense for allowing the TD, lots of blame on that side too.

  5. The lions outplayed the Vikings I don’t care what the stats say. I am huge Vikings fan but we escaped with one Sunday. The lions gambling aggressive approach worked over and over. Where was our pressure on the QB? We are still playing 8 yards off the receivers? We looked anemic most of the game. At the end we woke up and played ball but if we can’t bring that energy and execution to the whole game and the whole season, the lions will be challenging the Packers for the North, not us.

  6. Campbell always talks about being aggressive, and taking it to the opponent. This decision made no sense and went against everything he preaches. Head scratcher.

  7. Had the offense not made the first, I would have still felt better.
    54 was long for Seibert to begin with.

    If he did make the FG they would have been up 6, still a one score game. But the game dynamic would have change along with more time off the clock and worse field position for the Vikings

    Could have gotten a delay of game and created more room to punt.
    But I think every lions fan wanted them to go for it. Its been our understanding that is the kind of team were building here

  8. Or Maybe the defense doesn’t crater in 3 plays? Lions fans need to see that they have the train on the right track and quit whining about judgement calls. NOT a Lions or a Campbell fan. It was the wrong decision. I have a feeling he will learn from it. When was the last time the Lions were this consistently competitive? Be happy he has your team where they don’t suck. If he makes a habit of it then whine.

  9. The Lions are a good football team, but their head coach will hold them back. As a Viking fan, I’ve seen this on my own team and it’s a bad feeling. Dan Campbell = Mike Tice II (aka meathead).

  10. It’s funny that he thinks it was his only bad call. The whole coaching staff was bad in that second half.

  11. There’s only 2 ways the Lions lose that game. Goff having a bad game ( he didn’t ) or poor coaching. You’ve got a lot to learn knee caps!

  12. whycantiloginanymore says:
    September 26, 2022 at 9:49 am
    When was the last time the Lions were this consistently competitive? Be happy he has your team where they don’t suck. If he makes a habit of it then whine.
    Not whining, just shaking my head and laughing at the truth. They are 1-2 and have been this competitive a lot. If you’ve paid attention to the Lions over the years you’ll realize they’ve stayed competitive in a ton of games like yesterday’s only to find different comical ways to lose them in the end. Campbell was a part of some of those Lions teams as a player and yesterday he lost as the HC finding a way to lose a game they had control of throughout.

  13. When and if the entire Lions offense gets healthy, they will be pretty dang scary. They were missing to OGs and clearly Swift and Brown were dinged up. Not sure folks appreciate how good those OTs are — they allowed that statue Goff to sit in the pocket all day, when we all know he’s even worse than Cousins under pressure.

  14. Dan Campbell needs a chaperone late in the game with a lead. His options:

    #1 GO FOR IT: The best scenario if you go for it is you run out the clock with one more first down. The worst is they get the ball on the 36 yard line. The likely scenario – you don’t get the 4 yards (that’s a lot on 4th), and they get the ball on the 33ish yard line
    #2 POOCH PUNT: The best scenario (aside from a muff) is they get the ball within the 20 with 70 seconds and no time outs. The worst is they block the punt. The likely scenario is the best scenario.
    #3 FG: The best scenario is you’re up more than a FG, and therefore force the Vikings to go 75 yards in 70 seconds. The worst scenario – they block the FG, which would be a low trajectory more likely to be blocked. The likely scenario is what happened- he misses, they get the ball on the 44 yard line only needing ~30 yards in 70 seconds to tie.

    Lions secondary/Aaron Glenn got caught with their pants down assuming MIN was going for the tie.

    In those three options, I feel like Campbell made the mistake of assuming the FG would be made. His kicker already missed one, and Joseph on the Vikings missed 2 long ones. It was clearly a tough day to kick. That’s bad decision making there. Egregiously bad. Like “MCDC needs some mentoring for what to do with a lead” level bad.

    I am happy to hear him say he regrets it. All too often coaches come out saying they have no regrets when clearly they should regret a decision that cost them a game. A loss should make you second guess yourself, because it will help you make better decisions in the future. When you don’t learn from failure, you’re doomed to repeat it.

  15. Everyone acting like that was an easy call. The stuff that bothered me the most. was 6 or 7 run plays up the middle late in the gm. you outplayed them the whole gm go for jugular.

  16. I don’t recall any head coach in recent memory as overhyped as Dan Campbell. 9-22-1 now as a HC. He is a horrible head coach. All I heard last year was how his players play hard for him. Same this year. The Lions are 4-15-1 under him. You cant keep using that when all they do is lose. He is well liked, fun to listen to but appears clueless as a HC and his teams simply do not play as hard as people act like they do. Either it’s a slow start and they climb back in when it’s too late or a good start and blow a lead. Matt Patricia was actually better. Patricia had 6 wins in his first 16 games in Detroit. Campbell has 4 in his first 20. Patricia was 13-29-1 as a HC. Campbell is 9-22-1. The Lions would be a much better team with a good head coach.

  17. Three things need to happen for the Detroit Lions to be a successful team

    1. Fire Dan Campbell as head coach
    2. Hire Mike Tomlin as your head coach for the 2023 season
    3. Get rid of Jared Goff as your starting quarterback period!

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