Davante Adams “frustrated and angry” by 0-3 start

Las Vegas Raiders v Tennessee Titans
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There are two winless teams left in the NFL this season.

One of them is the Texans, which probably doesn’t come as much of a surprise given the low expectations they carried into the year. The Raiders being 0-3 is a bit more unexpected, but that’s where they find themselves after a late rally fell short in a 24-22 road loss to the Titans.

That loss comes after the Raiders blew a big lead against the Cardinals at home in Week Two and wide receiver Davante Adams said the early season results are not sitting well with him.

“Frustrated and angry,” Adams said, via SI.com. “Expect more. It’s not easy to win in this league. We know that. Nobody’s naive to the fact that nobody’s just going to lay down and just give you a victory, but at the end of the day we expect more and we will do better as we move forward.”

Adams later said frustration is OK “as long as you do something about it” and the challenge for the Raiders moving forward will be figuring out how to execute at a higher level quickly enough to keep the season from going completely off the rails.

83 responses to “Davante Adams “frustrated and angry” by 0-3 start

  1. Thank your buddy Aaron up in GB for “getting paid” and leaving nothing for you, thereby ensuring the Packers would trade you.

  2. What the heck did you expect? It’s Derek Carr. You went for the money. Not championships

  3. Don’t be shocked if the Raiders are 0-5 at their bye week 6. McDaniels is not head coaching material and Derek Carr is not a franchise QB.

  4. Since the Packers drafted Adams, the Packers record in games without him on the field is 10-1 and Adams record without the Packers is 0-3.
    Just sayin….

  5. The coach has lost the team. Complicated playbook leads to lack of concentration and focus through all three games. Seems like certain vets know this, and can’t actually say what they think. Carr mentioned practice being a issue after the game. Really stinks as a fan because on paper this team had potential. I doubt McDaniels turns it around.

  6. Well, well, well if it isn’t the consequences of my own actions. At least he gets to enjoy playing with his buddy and making a lot of money.

  7. As the old saying goes, be careful what you ask for: you just might get it.
    You made your bed, Devante, now lie in it.

  8. Davante, you aren’t as good as everyone made you out to be. Aaron Rodgers made you look really good. Now you have a back up QB throwing you the ball and an imbecile as a head coach. You’re toast.

  9. When DavantME was squawking to get out of Green Bay, there was no talk of winning or Super Bowls. It was all about DavantME getting to play with his college bro. Your wish was granted DavantME. Enjoy Vegas. Enjoy David Carr. Winning is hard. The Packers just make it look easy.

  10. Well, bowl cut fired the interim HC who made the playoffs last season in favor of a HC who will be back in NE within a year or 2.
    This is deserved!

  11. So the question must be asked: Was Davante Adams a product of one of the greatest QB’s ever? Or is Davante not as good as he thinks he is?

  12. The silver lining is that Carr is younger than Rodgers so Adams has many more years of this. Meanwhile, Rodgers is turning rookies into all-stars.

  13. When was the last time Davante found himself playing for “pride” this early in the season, or at any point in the season for that matter?! Have fun clawing your way back to.500 good man. Those Nov/Dec practices are going to be a real grind.

  14. Watched the last 10 min of the Raider game yesterday. Carr was less than impressive. Adams must have really wanted to be close to the west coast because I can see no other reason to want to play with that QB.

  15. Sometimes you don’t realize what you have until its not there anymore. Davonte is beginning to realize after only 3 weeks.

  16. Money? He got it. Playing with his best friend, got it. Wins? Not so much. Doubs looked pretty good yesterday.

  17. Davante grew up as a Raiders fan that’s why he chose to play there not because of Carr he just so happened to be there for all of you commenting.

  18. 0-3 … a lot of people must be betting on the Raiders.
    Anyone notice lots of upsets every week now … someone is making a lot of money.

  19. I wish NFL had relegation so perennial loser franchises like the Raiders, Lions, Browns and Jags could be replaced

  20. While I’d say Adams misses Rodgers more than the other way around, its not like the Pack’s WRs are exactly tearing it up. He shoulda never left.

  21. This has the be the first time paying a ton of money to one player didn’t make the entire team better.

  22. Well, the grass is always greener from the other side of the fence. When you arrive, it is odd how good the grass on the other side of the fence looked. You got your money. Shut up.

  23. Wasn’t expecting the Raiders to be this bad but he really should’ve stayed. Though GB doesn’t get the extra draft picks, he would still be on a contender AND would’ve gotten his money!

  24. People commenting how the grass isn’t always greener, he went for the money, etc don’t seem to recall that GB offered more money than the Raiders, even after Rodgers big extension was signed. Adams and Carr had been trying to get together for several years before this past off-season. Adams took less money because he wanted to play closer to home, with Derek Carr, and for his hometown team essentially. This 0-3 record he’s sitting with is just what the Raiders do, unfortunately for him.

  25. Nobody leaves a back to back MVP QB, a perennial contender & often top seeded team to join a team with 2 wildcard appearances (losses) in 20 yrs because winning is a priority. You went to the Raiders for the money & to play with your college roommate. Enjoy

  26. Good thing the media had them crowned all summer with the Adams/Chandler Jones poor leadership signings.

    There’s more to the player than just fantasy stats. Some organizations don’t undestandn this concept.

  27. He should have stayed with the Packers until the year before he planned to retire. Had a better chance of making it to the Super Bowl with Green Bay. After that, go play with your friend to close out your career. At least he won’t be busy in January anymore.

  28. All he had to do was to look at the stud Packers receiver who left during Rodgers’ era. Jennings, Jordy, Jones…there is a pattern here.

  29. “The coach has lost the team. Complicated playbook leads to lack of concentration and focus through all three games.” Indeed,too complicated of a playbook,after all who does he think these players are,college graduates?

  30. Unexpected? Nobody from New England has been able to win without Brady, including Bill Belichick. I would say losing should be expected. Is anyone paying attention?

  31. Adams went from being a much loved star in Green Bay to being just another reciever with the Raiders but he should be happier because he got big money and he has his best friend Carr trying to get him the ball but it does not appear to be as easy as it was with Rodgers flinging the pigskin his way.the great playoff run has come to an abrupt halt for Adams.

  32. This 0-3 start by the Raiders is all about coaching the Raiders have run the ball less then any other team in the league. Teams are daring them to run and they won’t even though they are averaging 4.5 yards per carry. I am sorry Josh McDaniels is horrible. Why have 5 RBs and a FB on the roster if you are not going to run the ball. Until the Raiders run the ball Adams will remained double and triple teamed. When he is being bracketed it takes one less defender away in the running game. Make the defense pay by punishing them in the running game.

  33. Jon Gruden is on a fishing boat somewhere having the time of his life sending politically incorrect emails and checking the dollars from the NFL and Raiders settlements comfortably resting in his bank accounts.

  34. tb12bestqbevah says:
    September 26, 2022 at 9:25 am
    Thank your buddy Aaron up in GB for “getting paid” and leaving nothing for you, thereby ensuring the Packers would trade you.
    Please do your homework. GB actually offered DA more money to remain with the Packers.

  35. I realize he got paid but do you think he’s missing the Packers right about now? This is what the Raiders are and have been in current memory. They had something going last year and for whatever reason decided to blow it up and bring in a new coach. They asked for this.

  36. Shows you what happens when you leave a team with a QB that can make you look better than you might really be.
    Remember how GREAT Sidney Rice looked when Favre was in Minnesota? And how many TDs Shancoe had?

    Not so much after they went to other teams. Never underestimate how much better a QB who can throw into tight windows and make great throws makes a receiver look.

    I think Davante benefited GREATLY from being ARs go to guy.

  37. What did he expect, the Raider haven’t been relevant for 35 years. Mayock/Gruden squandered how many picks on worthless talent putting together a really bad roster and they still believe Carr is an “elite” QB that has yet to prove he can win a meaningful game that a actually matters (he is the Cousins of the AFC). Not to mention they hired a coach that failed miserably at Denver. But on the bright side they might be out Denver for last place in the AFC West.

  38. McDaniels is 11-20 now as a HC. 3-12 in his last 15 games. He is so much like Gruden. Maasivly overrated as a so called offensive genius when he isn’t. Why do people keep hiring NE coaches? They all fail. McDaniels failed with Denver. He failed as the Rams OC. He is failing as the Raiders HC. The Raiders are sort of like the Lions. Rich Bisaccia won, took them to the playoffs. They replaced him with a Patriot coach. Jim Caldwell won in Detroit, took them to the playoffs. They fired him for Matt Patrica. Now they have Dan Campbell…who is 9-22-1 as a head coach.

  39. Adams was offered equal or better money to remain in Green Bay — but chose to move closer to home to play with his college QB. Now, the law of unintended consequences rears its ugly head.

  40. All for the money and one year with college buddy Carr. With Carr’s team friendly contract is as good as gone next year absent a massive turnaround and deep playoff run.

  41. I’m angry, too. Y’all were supposed to beat my Titans so I can watch Malik. Thanks for nothin’.

  42. If they would run the ball 25 to 30 times a game they would probably be 3-0. 4 good backs and carries in the low teens. pathetic.

  43. Aaron took all the money in Green Bay, Adams wanted to be the highest pd receiver in the Nfl. They both got what they wanted. They both will be sitting at home come playoff time. College education ain’t what it use to be!!!

  44. Carr is a clear downgrade from Rodgers but this has more to do with MCDaniels. Why on earth was Josh McDaniels the choice? They upgraded at WR and really have better than average offensive talent but unfortunately downgraded at HC. Hes a poor leader.

  45. I thought Davante Adam’s would make it to the HOF when he was with the Packers but not anymore.

  46. All he had to do was to look at the stud Packers receiver who left during Rodgers’ era. Jennings, Jordy, Jones…there is a pattern here.

    Jennings had a couple decent seasons in Minnesota, considering who was at QB.. the Packers made him a solid offer to stay put, as with Adams.

    Jones wasn’t a stud by any stretch of the imagination.

    Nelson wasn’t a stud when he left in 2018. He was 33 years old, and mostly used up.

  47. Packers offered him as much or more, right? He just wanted to play with his college bro and you had to understand what that entailed (with GB it means an almost certain division championship and a trip to the playoffs). With the Raiders, it probably means maybe a WC spot (and probably few, if any, teams have ever gone from 0-3 to WC).

  48. This is rich. I knew this guy wouldn’t produce and it sounds like he’s already being a diva. It wont be long till he wants our of Vegas. Our whole team is what the record says. Carr has had to deal with 5 different regimes since they drafted him.

  49. ^^^^Lots of heavy spinning to fit personal narratives and biases here. Adams was offered equal or better $$$ to remain in Green Bay but chose to move closer to family and play with his college QB. No more. No less.

  50. People need to relax. It’s a long season. The Bears are 2-1 somehow, explain that. Raiders still have a decent shot at being competitive as it looks like the AFC West is not as daunting as last year. Broncos don’t look that great the chargers are 1-2 and the Chefs just lost to Grandpa Matt Ryan and the Colts.

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