Kyler Murray: I told guys you have to be awake when you play with me

Los Angeles Rams v Arizona Cardinals
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The Cardinals loss to the Rams on Sunday followed a similar script to Arizona’s first two games.

The offense started slow early then got the team back in it. But in this game, Los Angeles kept the Cardinals out of the end zone and didn’t allow quarterback Kyler Murray to completely take over the contest.

But Arizona made plenty of mistakes offensively in the 20-12 loss, whether it was a ball being dropped or a receiver not properly finishing a route. That’s what happened on at least one occasion with receiver Andy Isabella, who stopped a pattern down the right sideline too early and left Murray putting his hands to his head in frustration as the ball sailed incomplete.

“I told guys you have to be awake when you play with me. No matter what the play is,” Murray said in his postgame press conference. “I have free reign to do whatever, so when you sleep and you don’t think you’re getting the ball- you can’t play like that. Everybody has to be head up, in the game, locked in and we just have to be better. We will be, but it’s frustrating when you lose and you felt like you could have played better in the game.”

Murray finished the game 37-of-58 passing for 314 yards, setting a new career high in passing attempts.

As for the slow starts, Murray said he didn’t know if there was a common theme. But he knows the Cardinals have to be better to set themselves up for more success later in games.

“I wish I had the answer right now,” Murray said. “I’m not sure, besides, ‘Let’s start winning some football.’ The rest of the game is competitive. The first quarter, you can’t make anything happen. You can’t get anything going. It’s just bad football.”

45 responses to “Kyler Murray: I told guys you have to be awake when you play with me

  1. Now there is leadership, grab the microphone and run over each of your team mates over a few times.

    How about “There are a few more I wished we had completed, but I am confident we can turn it around.”

  2. Finger point and blame your teammates when things go bad, under the guise of “I have free reign to do whatever I want.” Great leadership skills from the 150 million dollar man. By the way, did any of your teammates throw you under the bus when you laid a giant egg and looked like a deer in the headlights in that playoff game earlier this year?

  3. Arizona fans are going to have to accept the fact they’re stuck with this college quarterback who’s already reached his peak. He’s talented enough to be a starter, but he’s nowhere close to being an elite quarterback.

  4. What a leader this guy is…Where his guys awake when he threw the underhanded int for a TD in the playoffs last year? Get your team in the end zone at least once before you talk about others failing to do their job?

  5. As a Rams fan, I love that they extended this guy. He can’t see in the pocket, and he isn’t a leader. After Kingsbury gets fired this year, the next coach will still be stuck with him. He is a smaller, not as good Russell Wilson.

  6. Kyle is a sold 8-9 quarterback. Good luck with him starting to point fingers with his teammates.

  7. Does Kyler Murray ever take responsibility or hold any accountability to himself when things go bad for his team? The Arizona Cardinals would’ve been better off letting this guy fade into relative obscurity into the Oakland A’s minor league baseball system and drafted someone else.

  8. bozobiden says:
    September 26, 2022 at 10:11 am
    Arizona fans are going to have to accept the fact they’re stuck with this college quarterback who’s already reached his peak. He’s talented enough to be a starter, but he’s nowhere close to being an elite quarterback.——————— How about we wait and see him with a NFL caliber coach first before talking reckless. He is a top 12 QB with bad coaching and little around him.

  9. Kinda threw his team mates under the bus. 5.4 yards per attempt – can’t talk like it’s everyone else’s fault.

  10. Uh oh. The way he said this will likely not resonate well. When he confronted D Hop about a play in practice or the preseason, from there, I knew he’d raise eyebrows about his personality. He’s a good QB but I don’t see the Cardinals going anywhere. I strongly think more problems are to come in the future.

  11. The thing about Murray is that he plays like a High School QB. If you just watch him you can see he looks like a little kid playing with a bunch of grown men. There’s nothing wrong with being mobile or escaping, but it’s just something in the way he does it that makes you go “hmmm…do I pick him first to be on my team or my big brother?”

  12. The organization knew what they were dealing with here, which is why they had the study clause in his contract. Instead of backtracking when he balked about that, they should have pulled the contract! Hell, they never should have signed him to it to begin with! It’s like I say about bad politicians; they don’t put themselves into office! Someone’s responsible and the owners have let that fanbase down by paying and empowering this selfish disaster!

  13. This dude isn’t a leader. Every week his comments seem to scream “ME”!! If the Cardinals flop this year and don’t make the playoffs I have a feeling the coach will get yanked. Then they’ll be in the situation of not looking for an actual head coach but someone who’ll hold his hand and defend him at every turn. It’s a slippery slope but they made their bed.

  14. Murray acts like he is blameless in this mess of a game. That’s not a good quality for someone who is supposed to be the team’s leader. EVERYONE was bad, including him. He does this in every post-game presser.

  15. 141 pass attempts in three games with 3 passing td, 1int and 1 fumble. Sure his teammates made mistakes but Murray isn’t really doing much either. Overpaid and the team pretty much exposed him for his work ethic. Now he is throwing players under the bus.

  16. So glad that Kyler is not the QB of the teams I root for — he is exactly what you do not want: undersized, overconfident, a poor leader, and selfish. Cards are getting what they deserve from him.

  17. “He is a top 12 quarterback”?

    What are we really saying here

    You know what I think he is more like “Top 13” or “Top 14.”

    Good luck with that!

  18. Ladies and gentlemen, The Antonio Brown of quarterbacks, Kyler Murray!

    Minus the gaudy numbers….

  19. Just because u don’t have anything better… Doesn’t mean sign that guy to a big deal!! This dude is the most overrated QB in the league. Russell wilson isn’t far behind him. He thinks he’s so gd. That’s what’s even more annoying

  20. Lots of harsh criticism here.
    Obviously a lot of frustration on Murray’s part. I suspect issues with the coaching staff, play calling and some players themselves. The Cards seem to need an infusion of maturity and dedication. Hopkins might have provided some of that until he got himself suspended for the first 6 games. Brutal.
    I think it starts with the coach. You see what a difference Doug Pederson is making in Jax, leadership always starts at the top.

  21. Murray is even better than he thinks he is. Move over Brady, Kyler is here. Every mistake made is not his fault, a teammate obviously blew it. If the teammates would just perform, Kyler would be 40-40 for 450 yards and 6 TD’s every week plus 80-110 rushing yards on 6 or 7 runs with a couple more TD’s.

  22. He plays gimmick ball. You can’t last 17 games playing like that. He should be playing 2nd base somewhere. He’s not a starting NFL quarterback

  23. He needs you guys to stay awake when he is playing… So you can carry the team to wins in spite of Murray.

  24. Murray and Wilson’s contracts are likely the most regrettable contracts since Philly gave Wentz his deal.murray is way way over rated and Wilson looks shot.

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