Mark Andrews: Lamar Jackson is just elite, man

Baltimore Ravens v New England Patriots
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Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson was once again the best player on the field in Sunday’s 37-26 victory over the Patriots, accounting for five touchdowns in the contest.

Jackson finished 18-of-29 passing for 218 yards with four touchdowns and an interception. He also rushed 11 times for 107 yards with a TD.

Two of Jackson’s touchdown throws went to tight end Mark Andrews, who finished the game with eight catches for 89 yards.

Andrews emerged as Jackson’s top target last season and has undeniably good chemistry with the QB. The tight end has a strong appreciation for what Jackson does week after week.

“He’s just elite, man,” Andrews said postgame. “Just everything that he does for this program, the way he plays on and off the field, he’s in an ‘elite division’ for sure.”

Andrews added that Jackson has “always” been able to fit throws into tight windows as he did several times on Sunday.

“[H]e’s just special. He’s one of a kind,” Andrews said. “Like I said, he’s in an ‘elite division;’ there’s no one who’s really able to do what he can do for a team. For us, just being able to surround him and try to help him out as much as we can, that’s what it’s all about because he’s that special of a player.”

Jackson now has 14 games with triple-digit yardage in two different statistical categories, which easily sits atop league history. Michael Vick is next on the list with eight such games.

15 responses to “Mark Andrews: Lamar Jackson is just elite, man

  1. He is elite. He’s just not as elite as Allen & Mahomes & Burrow. 1-4 in playoffs. Needs to show up on January.

  2. Umm, he does this every year. Puts up some fantasy stats, Baltimore gets lucky in a game or two, the media hops on the bandwagon and then they miss the playoffs or makeit and he runs of out gimmicks to run.

  3. If I were Baltimore, I’d get Jackson to agree to a long-term contract now. If he continues to play like he is doing, Watson’s contract will look like a bargain.

  4. He’s an elite running back, period. Until he can stop the running and limit his carries, he will never be a QB. He is a running back that throws the ball.

  5. The man is a beast – but so was Cam Newton – until he wasnt. There is a problem when the sport protects a certain position and then when that position uses that protection to help in their game. A 15 yard penalty or 2 would be a small penalty to pay when these read options runs are hurting the team too badly – whether that is blowing up the QB when he shovel passes it – or whether it is blowing him up during his slide. Right now these guys seem to have their cake and eat it too. Just look at Tua being allowed back into the game – so back – my a….

  6. He’s the best player in football. It was the same way last year before he got hurt, except he’s better.

  7. If Lamar is just a RB who throws the ball then line up any RB in the league under center and see what you get.

  8. lasersepi says:
    September 26, 2022 at 10:47 am
    He’s an elite running back, period. Until he can stop the running and limit his carries, he will never be a QB. He is a running back that throws the ball.

    He leads the league in passing tds and passer rating. He’s not a rb. Find a new way to hate on this man.

  9. These he’s just an RB guys kill me because the guy uses his talents to his advantage. He runs a 4.2 or 4.3. Yeah, he shouldn’t use that, lol. He can beat you with both. They don’t run him like Cam Newton where Ron Rivera and his staff used him as a FB and their goal line offense. Every QB should run five to ten times a game. He just can score any time he does it. He’s also an elite passer now too though. Keep moving the goal posts though. Josh Allen does it all the time, and I don’t ever see a problem with it, which there shouldn’t be even though he lowers his head to take on defenders and is far more likely to get hurt.

  10. Can someone explain to me the gimmicks the Ravens are running this season? I’d love to hear analysis on that. And we’re really still using Lamar is a RB? I guess Josh Allen is a RB too. I seriously don’t know what Lamar can do to quiet haters. At this point I’m certain winning a Super Bowl wouldn’t do it. Year after year he puts in work during the offseason and improves on something his critics say “has him figured out”. Last season it was the Cover 0 blitz he struggled with. This season, according to every advanced metric out there, he’s the best QB in the league against the blitz. Some commenters say he’s only good because he’s throwing to open WRs. Uuuum, I’ve always been under the impression that the great QBs find the open man. At this point it has to be more than just his play. You can’t say he can’t read defenses, film shows the contrary. You can’t say he can’t make tight window throws, has been doing it consistently since last season. The only thing now is playoff success, which is a team accomplishment. Outside of Brady and Mahomes, what QB can you say has consistent playoff success? Josh Allen is what, 3 and 3 in the playoffs? Make it make sense

  11. I loved reading this article and the positive Lamar comments. At this point, I believe the Ravens are resigned to franchising him in ’23 and ’24 and waving goodbye in ’25. It will be a wild ride until then. He is getting better every season.

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