Myles Garrett calls out Chukwuma Okorafor for jumping on Anthony Walker’s back

Pittsburgh Steelers v Cleveland Browns
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Browns linebacker Anthony Walker tore a quadriceps last Thursday against the Steelers. He will undergo surgery, ending his season.

The injury happened when Steelers right tackle Chukwuma Okorafor shoved Walker to the ground face-first with his left hand, appearing to spin Walker by the facemask. Okorafor then jumped on the back of the motionless Walker.

Okorafor did not draw a penalty and defended his actions by saying he was “just playing ball.” The NFL could fine him this week.

The Browns remain upset about Okorafor jumping on Walker while he was down and injured.

That was a bullshit play,” Browns edge rusher Myles Garrett, who was suspended six games in 2019 for the helmet incident with Mason Rudolph, told Mary Kay Cabot of Monday. “He’s not moving. You don’t jump on a guy. That was a bullshit play.”

The only flag Okorafor drew on the play was for being an ineligible downfield, nullifying a 35-yard catch-and-run by Jaylen Warren.

Several Browns players talked about the “brotherhood” among NFL players and feel Okorafor crossed the line. Running back Kareem Hunt told Cabot he has never seen a player “dive on injured player with your full weight.”

“That ain’t the way we play football,” Hunt told Cabot. “It wasn’t a good sight, especially when a guy got hurt on the play.”

21 responses to “Myles Garrett calls out Chukwuma Okorafor for jumping on Anthony Walker’s back

  1. The NFL continues to embarrass themselves on a weekly basis millions of people saw that play I for one was stunned that a player would do that to another player. I hope the NFL fines him a huge sum of money

  2. I hate to say it, but in this week’s match up between the Brown’s and the Steelers, Myles Garrett actually outplayed TJ Watt. I did not think it possible.

  3. He’s not wrong, but it certainly would be better coming from someone else.

  4. If the NFL won’t punish this dirty play that ended a player’s season, Okarafor should be meted jungle justice on the field. I don’t advocate for such actions ordinarily, but this makes me angry

  5. So the topic is sportsmanship and brotherhood and we hear from Garrett and Hunt? I mean c’mon now, the jokes write themselves.

  6. That was 1000 percent a cheap shot. He literally did a belly flop on that players back.
    No reason whatsoever for that at all. The shield wants to talk about protecting players safety yet this play doesn’t get flagged or a fine doled out?
    I’m not a fan of either team ans do not have a horse in the race but after watching it I couldn’t believe what I saw.

  7. Steelers are, in general, a class organization, but they have from time to time have had players who are utterly classless, like this dude Okorafor (disgraceful) and his sub-human behavior. One would hope the Steelers would set a proper standard and suspend this guy for a minimum of 4 games, without pay. If not, the NFL needs to. If not, all this promotion of how the NFL is trying to make the game (a very physical sport by nature) safer, is all a bunch of marketing garbage to get idiot customers to get in line and pay. Do what you know is right Pittsburgh, your employee went well beyond the boundaries of fair play and injured a man when it was absolutely unnecessary. Hopefully someone steps up and shows some class.

  8. Is this the same Myles Garrett that ***checks notes*** swung a helmet at another players exposed head long after the play was over?

    Really rich coming from you Myles. Unlike you Chuks isn’t coming up with some lie to excuse his actions. Be quiet and pay attention to the road.

  9. But hitting someone in the head with a helmet is perfectly acceptable. That’s precious….

  10. Garrett calling out players for cheap shots? Good lord – this man attempted to de- brain a QB w/ a helmet, & calling out guys? Idiot.

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