Myles Garrett suffers minor injuries in car crash

Pittsburgh Steelers v Cleveland Browns
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Browns defensive end Myles Garrett suffered minor injuries in a car crash after practice today.

Garrett was on his way home from the Browns’ facility when he crashed his 2021 Porsche, according to News 5 in Cleveland. The car went off the side of the road and flipped several times.

Garrett went to the hospital but his injuries were not serious. A passenger in his car also suffered non-life-threatening injuries. Both were wearing their seatbelts.

Police say there was no alcohol or other drugs involved and the cause of the crash is ongoing.

There’s been no word from the Browns about whether the minor injuries Garrett suffered will affect his status for Sunday’s game against the Falcons.

12 responses to “Myles Garrett suffers minor injuries in car crash

  1. TJ Watt would never crash his Car. He keeps his hands at 10 and 2. Garrett overrated driver.

  2. That’s a long straight flat road without much around it. I think the speed limit is 45, but nobody goes that slow. It’s pretty likely speed was a factor. That or 2021 Porsches have really terrible handling.

  3. Time to trade that Porsche in for a Prius. If you can’t get home from work without flipping your car “several times,” maybe consider toning your life down a notch or two?

  4. “Car went off the road and flipped several times” yet “minor injuries”??? In what world do those two things square? Reads like a Brown press release to get in front of panic and criticism.

  5. You’d think watching the past 30 years of guys buying ferarris in their 20s and then being broke by 40 would have some of these guys driving a camry. but nope. never does. never will. Hence why I don’t bet on or watch these games. You can’t trust a man who is more worried about his fresh kicks and his shiny rim cars than he is with self discipline

  6. NFL channel reports he swerved to avoid an animal. There are a lot of deer in NE Ohio. Wet roads. Speeding (I speculate but I’m pretty I’m right). Swerve. Crash.

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