Report: Mac Jones has “pretty severe” high-ankle sprain

Baltimore Ravens v New England Patriots
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Reports after Sunday’s loss to the Ravens indicated Patriots quarterback Mac Jones suffered a high-ankle sprain on the team’s final offensive play and Monday’s tests reportedly back up that diagnosis.

NFL Media reports that tests show Jones suffered a “pretty severe” high-ankle sprain and that he is soliciting other opinions from doctors before establishing a timetable to get back on the field. The hope at the moment is that Jones will avoid having surgery as part of the recovery process.

Whatever the other opinions, it is difficult to see Jones playing against the Packers in Week Four. The next question may be whether he will be out long enough to make a trip to injured reserve a possibility.

Veteran Brian Hoyer has been the No. 2 quarterback on gamedays with 2022 fourth-round pick Bailey Zappe serving as the No. 3 man in the pecking order.

30 responses to “Report: Mac Jones has “pretty severe” high-ankle sprain

  1. High ankle sprains are one of the hardest injuries to heal up from, especially a severe one. I think that IR is definitely in Mac Jones’ future. That’s tough news for him and the Pats.

  2. Lance can never play another down and is still better then this non athletic noodle arm loser

  3. With Jones they had a chance to win 3 or 4 games this year. At this point yesteryear’s team will be lucky to win again in 2022. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving fanbase.

  4. Jones’ injury means that Belichick at least has an alibi for Robert Kraft at years end when asked to explain the team’s losing season

  5. nhpats2011 says:
    September 26, 2022 at 12:56 pm
    The Packers…..yikes…. That one will get ugly

    376Rate This


    Probably less ugly than yer boy Brady yesterday, dribbling out 12 points at home. Reminded me of his horrendous SBs vs the Giants.

    Kinda funny how that happens, huh?

  6. I thought one of the Pats infamous prolific posters said Mac was the next Brady….wrong again like NKeal Harry …hilarious

  7. Wonder if they can get the Ravens to trade Tyler Hundley? We know Belichick wants Lamar Jackson, he’s a much cheaper version.

  8. The New England Patriots look a lot like the Denver Broncos the 3-4 seasons following Peyton Manning’s retirement. Listless and rudderless. New England is finding it difficult replacing a top 5 all-time first ballot HOF QB. Just ask the Saints how it’s going post-Drew Brees.

  9. Ian Book over Cam. If the Patriots were a contender, it would make sense to call Cam. They aren’t. So you might as well develop use this time to develop a backup for the future. Figure out whether Zappe or Book is your Hoyer for the next 6 years.

  10. Is it time for Stidham yet? T6 was calling him the future of the Pats because of his awesome preseason.

  11. dwqb11 says:
    September 26, 2022 at 2:55 pm
    Is it time for Stidham yet? T6 was calling him the future of the Pats because of his awesome preseason


    He also had the Pats at 3-0 right now

  12. That’s tough on Jones. Hope he recovers quickly. This makes it 3 out of the top 5 QBs getting injured. Here’s to them making a comeback and proving they are good

  13. In the next few weeks, I can see the Jets leap-frogging the Patriots in the AFC East standings.

  14. Take it from someone who has seen a lot of these, and even had one years ago, it is about a 6 week recovery, before one can run without pain or at least limitation.

  15. I once had a high ankle sprain from a skiing accident and was on crutches for two weeks. It takes time to heal from something like this. Best of luck Mac in going forward.

  16. The only people who pair the word “exciting” with the name “Brian Hoyer” are defensive opponents. I’d rather watch Zappe.

  17. Brian Hoyer in the past 5 years has started 9 games. He has 9td/9int, 6 fumbles and his teams are 0-8. His teams are 1-11 in his last 12 starts dating back to 2016. Good luck NE. BTW Belichick since Brady left is 18-18.

  18. I hope Zappe gets to play. At least see what you have in him. Hoyer is only a mentor at this point. He can come in as an emergency QB but he should never be the starter unless he is the last QB left healthy on the roster.

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