Report: NFL replacing Pro Bowl with flag football game, skills competitions

NFL Pro Bowl
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The Pro Bowl as we know it is reportedly coming to an end.

At the end of this season, the league will instead play a flag football game at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas on Sunday, February 5, according to Rob Maaddi of the Associated Press.

The league will also have what it is calling “Pro Bowl Games” during the week before the Super Bowl, which will consist of skills competitions between AFC and NFC players. The league has already been experimenting with a skills competition before the Pro Bowl but will apparently be attempting to make these a bigger event for both the fans and the players involved.

Peyton Manning will be one of the coaches for the flag football game, and his Omaha Productions company, which produces the ManningCast Monday Night Football broadcast, will be involved.

The Pro Bowl has been widely derided in recent years as being effectively flag football anyway, so the league has apparently decided to make that change official.

18 responses to “Report: NFL replacing Pro Bowl with flag football game, skills competitions

  1. considering that it has essentially been “touch” football for years, no real change in the game!

  2. A contingent of NFL players in Las Vegas playing in a game that doesn’t matter without supervision. The bail bondsmen are going to be busy.

  3. Gee i dont think that will be any better. Just cancel the game altogether but the NFLa and Goodell are greedy so on with the chirade.

  4. Seems unnecessary. Aside from Sean Taylor blowing up the Buffalo punter, when was there last contact in a Pro Bowl anyway? After that play, said punter congratulated Taylor for the hit. Certainly spiced up that game.

  5. The skills competition is much more interesting than the “football” game they had these guys playing. One thing I would also recommend is to push it to the weekend after the super bowl, so all the fan favorites can show up. Want to see if Josh Allen can bomb a pass 80+ yards in the air, kicking competitions, etc.

  6. All they had to do was pay the players on the winning team more money and this game would’ve got competitive. You can’t expect them to play hard when most of the players make a lot less money in a pro ball game than they do in a regular game. Flag football and skills competition sounds extremely boring.

  7. Sponsor a game between two top notch college or even elite high school teams. Real competition, real game, real entertainment.

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