Todd Bowles asks NFL to explain clock issues on delay of game, says Bucs have to get the snap off

NFL: SEP 25 Packers at Buccaneers
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The Buccaneers took a costly delay of game penalty before a potentially game-tying two-point conversion in the final seconds of Sunday’s loss to the Packers, and Bucs coach Todd Bowles has some questions.

Bowles said that the Bucs appeared to be given only 20 seconds to get the snap off on the two-point conversion, not 25, and he wants the league to tell him why.

“One time it’s at 25 the next time it’s at 20. We’re looking into it right now. We’ll send it in and see what they say,” Bowles said.

According to Football Zebras, the officials handled the play correctly, and the play clock stopped at 20 seconds because the replay official was still confirming that the Buccaneers’ touchdown pass on the previous play was complete. That means the Bucs actually got more time, not less, to get ready for the two-point conversion.

Bowles acknowledged that it’s ultimately on the Bucs’ players and coaches to be looking at the play clock and getting the snap off.

“We got to get the ball off. We’ve got to be cognizant of that as a unit,” Bowles said. “We’ve played enough ball to know we need to get the ball snapped.”

7 responses to “Todd Bowles asks NFL to explain clock issues on delay of game, says Bucs have to get the snap off

  1. The bottomline is yer golden boy CHOKED. Again. He’s been playing poorly at home vs good defenses.

  2. And other teams routinely get 2 or 3 extra seconds after the clock hits zero, without penalty. Maybe an official needs to be assigned full-time just to that?

  3. Let me see if I got this right … the NFL discriminates against Tom Brady. I wonder if opposing defenses agree.

  4. The Lions are still stinging from the extra couple seconds given that let Justin Tucker get that 66 yard FG LAST YEAR.

  5. The simple fix is an NBA style clock. When the clock strikes zero, there is a horn. None of this wait a beat/some teams get more time than others/sometimes the refs don’t see it/etc. nonsense. The penalty should be immediate if the ball hasn’t been snapped when the clock strike zero.

  6. Its laughable to see how some people are making excuses for Tom Brady.The quarterback has to be aware of the play clock ticking down.The play before that the clocked ticked down to zero but there was nothing called.

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