Tom Brady: Upended practice schedule is no excuse for next game

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Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady still carries around one of the most important realities of the Patriot Way.

No excuses. Ever.

Brady made that point in his Let’s Go! podcast, regarding the hurricane that has prompted the team to literally say “let’s go” to Miami.

“When you are dealing with some of the things that we are going to have to deal with this week, there’s built in excuses that should never be excuses for anything,” Brady said, via “We’ve got to approach the week with a championship attitude that no matter what we face and no matter who plays, we’re going to have to go out there and find a way to win the game.”

He’s exactly right, and that’s exactly what the Patriots do, regardless of the source of adversity. Usually, it happens when players are injured. But it applies to anything that can distract a team. Championship teams don’t slump their shoulder or say “woe is us.” They get things done.

The Buccaneers will have a chance to get things done on Sunday night, against the Chiefs.

2 responses to “Tom Brady: Upended practice schedule is no excuse for next game

  1. A well-meaning and correct gesture by Tom Brady. Even so, this problem is not the result of Hurricane Ian; it is the result of a culture in Tampa Bay that was and still is the antithesis of the Patriot Way. One in which Brady himself, at least publicly, disregarded when the Buccaneers were winning a Super Bowl and acting like they were the fun team in the league. Well, this year is different. And let us be honest: the Bucs are probably going to lose to the Chiefs on either Sunday or Monday night.

    If we are to be honest, the Patriot Way (formerly the Giant way back in the day) is utilized as a result of a coach/general manager who wants to win and field the best team at all times, with an emphasis on defense. Along with an owner and front office who give a damn about the game and the league. That still exists in New England. In Tampa Bay, we see Todd Bowles give a damn; yet Licht and the Glazer Brothers do not. Bruce Arians is a wildcard in this regard. That leaves Tom Brady to effectively become owner, GM and head coach. Responsibilities which yield immediate gratification yet no long-term success. And a lack of people on the team willing to adhere to the ways of how things worked for Brady up until the spring of 2020. He chose this path, as we each choose our own paths. Yet this path might be costing Brady more than what he wanted.


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