Andy Reid: Skyy Moore’s time in the offense will come

Kansas City Chiefs v Arizona Cardinals
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The Chiefs selected Skyy Moore in the second round of this year’s draft and it seemed like he could be a significant early contributor to the team’s offense.

But instead, Moore has mostly been a punt returner — and even that is a job where he could use some improvement. Moore muffed the first punt of Sunday’s loss to the Colts, which set up an Indianapolis touchdown.

Moore has played has made only one catch so far — a 30-yard grab against the Cardinals in Week One. He played only two offensive snaps in the Week Two victory over the Chargers and eight offensive snaps in Sunday’s loss to the Colts.

Moore said after Week Two that he knows he has to wait his turn in Kansas City’s offense. On Monday, head coach Andy Reid said Moore’s time is coming.

“We actually had some in for him this game and it didn’t work out that way — we didn’t have a ton of first- and second-down calls, and that we got to do better with,” Reid said in his Monday video conference. “And so, his number didn’t get dialed up as much as we wanted. When it did, the defense didn’t play it the way where he would be open.

“But it’ll come, we’re through game three here now. His time will come. We’ll just keep working on it.”

Through three games, tight end Travis Kelce unsurprisingly leads the chiefs with 17 catches and 230 yards. Receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster is second with 14 receptions and 179 yards.

4 responses to “Andy Reid: Skyy Moore’s time in the offense will come

  1. Yeah, Skyy’s fumbled and mishandled punts handed a touchdown to Indy last week and is a big reason we lost the game.

  2. Moore really messed up the flow of the game. Basically handed them 7 points after a 3 and out, and then pinned us deep on the next punt for not fielding the ball. Big time players make big time plays. Otherwise they’re just average players with a short stint in the league. I find it hard to believe Andy likes him too much if he’s never in the game.

  3. You know who else primarily returned punts his rookie year with the Chiefs….tyreek hill…

    Now obviously I’m not saying Skyy will be the same player as he just doesn’t have the speed, but this is what Andy does. He believes Skyy can make plays when touching the ball, but he probably just hasn’t picked up the verbage of the offense yet so he can’t trust him to make the right read when on the field. He’ll learn it, then he’ll start getting on the field more.

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