Browns: Myles Garrett has shoulder sprain, biceps strain, minor lacerations


The Cleveland Brown have issued a statement regarding the status of defensive end Myles Garrett, following an automobile accident on Monday.

“First — and most importantly — we are thankful that Myles, his passengers and no other parties were seriously injured in the single-car accident yesterday,” the team said. “After medical evaluation today, our team doctors at University Hospital have concluded that Myles has sustained a shoulder sprain, a biceps strain, minor lacerations as well as some bumps and bruises to various other body parts.

“Myles didn’t suffer any fractures and has also cleared concussion protocol. Currently, our focus is on providing Myles the medical care needed for him to return to football activity. Although we hope to have him back soon, his availability for Sunday’s game in Atlanta will be evaluated by team doctors throughout the week.”

Football continues to be a secondary consideration. But it appears that Garrett won’t miss much time due to Monday’s accident.

10 responses to “Browns: Myles Garrett has shoulder sprain, biceps strain, minor lacerations

  1. whoknowsnothing says:
    September 27, 2022 at 6:53 pm
    How fast was he going?
    Nobody rolls a car “multiple times” while driving the posted speed limit, that’s for certain.

  2. nytro, the road appears to be 2 lanes, in a rural area with shallow ditches on each side. Speed limit is 45mph. At, or around, that speed, it would be easy to swerve, go sideways into a ditch and roll the car. And a Porshe 911? It’ll roll nicely. Maybe he wasn’t doing 45, but no reason to think he was going outrageously over the speed limit.

  3. I’ve driven this road and spot where Myles crashed. I have FWD and was driving it during rain. Speed limit is 45 I went 25-30 because the steep hill and narrow lanes. We had a major thunderstorm when he crashed so I can easily imagine an accident happening at this rural state route.

  4. Maybe he’s still concussed from when that “fan” punched him in his face while he sat in traffic?

  5. Something’s fishy here. How come no one is reporting on the woman that was with Myles and her condition? It’s like HER life doesn’t even exist.
    Plus previous reports said the road was wet, but it’s a bright sunny day in the video where it shows Myles being treated by medics.

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