Dak Prescott says he is unlikely to play this week, eyeing return in Week 5 vs. Rams


Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy said Tuesday that Dak Prescott still has swelling in his surgically repaired hand, and the quarterback has no timeline for when he will begin throwing. Prescott had his stitches removed from his thumb Monday night and lightly tossed a few passes before the team’s pregame warmups began.

The Cowboys didn’t place Prescott on injured reserve, expecting his return sooner than later.

While no one has ruled out Prescott playing against the Commanders on Sunday, Prescott said after Monday night’s victory over the Giants that Week 5 against the Rams probably is more realistic for his return.

“Nah, probably not,” Prescott told Lorenzo Reyes of USA Today Sports about playing against Washington. “But Week 5 against the Rams? That’s the one I’m looking at.”

Prescott was scheduled to meet with the team’s medical staff this week to devise a rehab plan. His return is predicated on his ability to grip the ball firmly.

“Some people are OK with [sitting out], but I’m not built that way,” Prescott told Reyes. “It’s f—ing killing me not being out there with my guys. It’s so hard, but I also know I’ve got to be patient.”

Prescott has worn a headset the past two games as backup Cooper Rush has led the Cowboys to victories over the Bengals and Giants. The veteran quarterback said the game has slowed down for him watching from the sideline.

“It’s not that I’m learning things new about the defenses we face or anything like that, but I’m seeing more and more just how simple this game can be,” Prescott said. “Hearing the calls in the headset and then seeing how defenses line up from the sideline reinforces that sometimes all you have to do is slow the game down and go through the design of the plays. It can be so (expletive) simple. That’s what I can’t wait to get back to.”

Prescott will return to the starting lineup once he’s ready, and it can’t come quickly enough for him. But the Cowboys’ two wins without him have eased the sting of being on the sideline in street clothes, Prescott said.

“Now that we’re winning, it’s all good. And I’ll be back soon,” he said.

30 responses to “Dak Prescott says he is unlikely to play this week, eyeing return in Week 5 vs. Rams

  1. Rusty Prescott with a bum hand over Cooper Rush who’s super hot right now? Don’t threaten the Rams with a good time.

  2. Wouldn’t it just be delicious if Cooper won all of the games he subbed for Dakota and then Dakota started losing again? How long before even the average idiot Cowboy fan would be yelling for COOPER?

  3. Jerry is a man that can afford anything he wants. All except one thing. Time. Win at all costs. If he kept Romo on the bench to ride a hot hand in Dak, believe me, HE WILL ride with Rush over Dak as long as Rush keeps winning. Romo was Jerry’s kid pretty much. Got mentioned in the HoF speech. Romo named his kid after the Jones. None of that matters enough to disrupt Jerry’s business and rightfully so. Any season from here on out can potentially be Jerry’s last. Get use to that bench Dak.

  4. No need to rush back. Cowboys should be able to easily handle the Commanders without Dak. That’s a pretty bad football team

  5. It doesn’t matter. Anybody who has been watching knows the Eagles are the class of the NFC East, and possibly the entire NFC… and I hate the Eagles.

    Dak is what he is. Kirk Cousins.

  6. I think everybody has seen Dak’s ceiling and it was his rookie year when he had the best OL in football and Zeke had an All-Pro year. Jerrah isn’t the smartest GM but I’m sure he’s asking himself WTF did I give Dak all thise millions when I had a guy on the practice squad that can actually read defenses and make clutch plays when it counts.

  7. I’ll reiterate this point.

    There has never been a team that has won a Super Bowl after giving a QB a mega deal. Never.

    As much as a gamechanging QB can be for your team, you simply cannot win with one player eating so much of the salary cap.

    The Ravens are going to find this out very soon if they pay Lamar Jackson.

  8. The NFL has a lot of good young QB’s, and Dak Prescott is still among the best in the game. He makes Dallas a super bowl contender when healthy.

  9. fmwarner says:
    September 27, 2022 at 8:45 pm
    Lots of Cowboys fans up in here VASTLY overrating Cooper Rush. How soon they forget.

    Overrating Cooper? Naw we just like to see when the ball moves downfield. We like seeing flowing offense… Since you probably not a fan, let me remind you what we didn’t forget:

    Started being down 30-0 vs lowly broncos
    Offense could only manage 4 field goal vs Kansas City team whose defense wasn’t that good.
    Struggled mightily against raiders on thanksgiving- got ball first in overtime and still loss..
    and let’s not forgot the wild card game where Dak and the offense forgot a game was actually going on…

    We ain’t saying coop is better than Dak… we just like a halfway decent offense that shows up and responds

  10. tiredofcowards says:
    September 27, 2022 at 6:52 pm
    So the game didn’t slow down for him 2 years ago when he had a busted ankle?
    This is Dak. People who understand football know he hit his ceiling in 2018. But every year he swindles a large number of Cowboy fans with something to the extent of “THIS time will be different.” Whether it’s some epiphany like this or a change to his mechanics – it’s always “OK now I’m going to take the next step.”
    He hasn’t and he won’t.

  11. Entertaining watching Boys’ fans getting all bulled up after beating the Giants and Bengals.

  12. It amazes me how many get on here and just say things with no context. Cowboys offense didn’t struggle with the Radiers last year they lost a shootout. Something Rush has never played in. Cowboys were down Copper and Gallup in the KC game and CeeDee got hurt during the game.

    I’m not a Dak fan nor do I think Rush is better overall. One thing Rush does that Dak doesn’t is get the ball out on time especially in blitz situations. Cowboys led the league in scoring with the worst rated offensive line against 4 man pressure last year. The interior of our line was terrible last year the 9ers playoff game was just a bad match up. 9ers were the top of league on defense rushing 4 players. Cowboys can win with Dak but Dak also needs a team around him like the majority of QBs do. Nothing wrong with that.

  13. I’m an Eagles fan, but I’ve seen all of Cooper’s games. I think he may have a higher ceiling than Dak. Jerry Jones may get his wish. Shame he already paid Dak all that money. Lol!

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