Doug Pederson: I’m looking forward to getting back up to Philadelphia

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Between his days as a player and a coach, Doug Pederson has spent a lot of time in Philadelphia.

After five seasons leading the Eagles, including a victory over the Patriots in Super Bowl LII, Pederson will be back in the city this weekend when the Jaguars take on the Eagles.

In his Monday press conference, Pederson said he’s looking forward to going back to a place where he created a lot of good memories.

“I spent eight or nine years there, once with coach [Andy] Reid and then once obviously as the head coach and brought that city a championship and something to be proud of, obviously,” Pederson said. “I understand that city, I understand that passion for football, but now I’m on the other side. It’s still a long way away. It’s seven days away or six days away, but we have to prepare this week like we have these last couple of weeks. But I’m looking forward to it, to getting back up there. It’s been a great place. We did a lot of good things there and I’m looking forward to, hopefully, the welcome.”

While Pederson did coach the team that won Philadelphia’s only Super Bowl, he realizes that doesn’t mean he’ll get a warm reception from Philly fans.

“I don’t know. It could be mixed,” Pederson said. “Listen, I have to get this team here ready to go and I’m not going to be concerned with that. You hope it’s a good one obviously for the things you did there, but I also know that crowd and they can be a little hostile and [I’m] looking forward to that too. Listen, understanding that and having been there and worked there, you just understand that it’s [how it is]. Even when I was there and we were winning games or losing games, you were still getting booed, so it doesn’t really matter.”

The 2-1 Jaguars and the 3-0 Eagles have been two of the league’s better teams, especially over the last two weeks. Pederson will certainly be a talking point over the next several days, but he’s not the focus internally.

“My job is to prepare the team to go play in a great environment against a really good football team that’s playing extremely well right now,” Pederson said. “For us, it’s the next one on the schedule and it just so happens to be Philly. But at the same time, it’s my job to prepare the guys this week and go play.”

7 responses to “Doug Pederson: I’m looking forward to getting back up to Philadelphia

  1. Pederson is loved in Philly for winning a Super Bowl. He knows they will be boooos full of love on Sunday. Have some ice cream and enjoy the game.

  2. Don’t wear your Jaguars garb to the game or you’ll be pelted with batteries and full beer cans, even if you won the Super Bowl for them.

  3. He’ll be cheered b4 the game and after. But during, not so much. He will ALWAYS be loved for the Super Bowl win but like EVERY other NFL city, once your no longer the coach and you’re coach against us your the enemy for those 60 mins. I for one blame him as much as Carson Wentz for both of their childish behavior their last last year together here.

  4. Eagles fan since 1972 here.

    My one problem with Doug was the way he kept going for it on 4th down *long* after it was no longer effective. He couldn’t seem to understand that it was only an “aggressive” decision if the team had generated some effective offense and the opposing defense felt relieved to get the Eagles in a 4th down situation, and were expecting a punt. It wasn’t a good idea to go for it on 4th down when the offense was sputtering all game, and the defense was stoked to be able to stay on the field and try to get a turnover on downs. He had no feel for the game in those situations; and he kept going to that well. It didn’t work, but he kept going to it anyway. It really made me wonder about how bright he actually is.

    As much as I loathe the way Wentz handled the 2020 season, I don’t think very highly of the way he handled things that year, either. He was dysfunctional with Wentz. And there were reports that he was a non-presence at practice after about October of that year, and that the practices were so disorganized that Jeffrey Lurie couldn’t bear to watch, and left enraged. If that’s actually what happened, then coach is to blame.

    So, I love Doug and what he did for this city. He seems like a nice guy. But I do think he really screwed things up at the end.

    I wish him well, but not this Sunday!

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