Game report says Chris Jones used “disturbing language” that has “no place in professional football”


More details inevitably are emerging regarding whatever Chiefs defensive lineman Chris Jones said to Colts quarterback Matt Ryan to draw a flag that extended a drive that otherwise would have been ending with a punt.

Per a league source, the post-game report from referee Shawn Smith said that Jones used “disturbing language,” and that there is “no place in professional football” for it.

Smith penalized Jones for unsportsmanlike conduct. The source says that Smith, in hindsight, believes he also should have referenced taunting.

Rule 12, Section 3, Article 1(c) specifically includes the use of “baiting or taunting acts or words that may engender ill will between teams” within the definition of unsportsmanlike conduct.

Still, it’s hard to understand how it was taunting and/or unsportsmanlike conduct without knowing what Jones said. Jones won’t reveal what he said; but why should he have to be the one to do it? If he’s going to be penalized not for actions that anyone watching the game could see but words that only Smith and maybe a few others could hear, it should be for the entity that threw the flag to disclose what was said, with something more detailed than it was “disturbing.”

Absent that kind of specificity, the outcome is understandably disturbing for the Chiefs. The decision to penalize Jones may have altered the outcome of the game. Also, to the extent that other players and coaches need to know where the line is, it’s important to know what Jones said to put him on the wrong side of it.

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  1. Clearly between Jones’ lack of protest at the penalty at the time and his refusal to say what he said that drew the flag, it’s clear that it was a penalty that was warranted.

  2. Talking trash to a 40 year old Matt Ryan is pretty pathetic. Even more pathetic when Indy walks away with the W and your talking helped give them that W. I swear I remember Reid saying Jones needed to grow up. Spoiled millionaire problems I guess…

  3. as much as it pains me to defend the nfl, in this case it serves neither the league jones or the chiefs to go further in the explanation. the players know where the lines are without the league needing to publish whatever this guy said. and the fact that its hard for you to know something doesn’t make it important to know, and is no reason for the league to explain it to you.

  4. Just a hunch, but I have a feeling it was either something incredibly racist or something heinous regarding Matt Ryan’s family.

  5. Sure, if the comments were just plain stupid, fine let us know what was say. But for a moment imagine if the comment was so egregious that it would be deemed hurtful to Ryan’s family. There’s no need for any of that stuff to get repeated for the public. Especially if the comments were about Ryan’s family. They shouldn’t have to deal with it. I’m not saying that’s what Jones did, just that there’s no benefit to playing it out in public if that was the case. And I imagine the comment was bad because Jones didn’t scream about the flag postgame.

    As for the players not knowing the line, I’m pretty sure word gets around the league. In other words, let the players handle it themselves

  6. Was such a strange incident as it seemed so nondescript tbh. He sacked him but took a bit of time to get up. Jones said more than a few words to Ryan, who retorted back in similar fashion before turning and walking off. If was only when Jones said barely a word or two more then laughed derisively that the red threw the flag. It does need justifying what was said was so bad to throw the flag and decided a game the colts had lost at that point

  7. If what Jones said didn’t deserve a penalty then he would say what he said. The fact that he’s keeping it hidden too means it wouldn’t put him in a good light to reveal. He probably was surprised it was called a penalty since officials tend to let guys jaw a bit no matter what they say.

  8. But are the Chiefs complaining about the penalty? If not, I think this is a non issue, and it is irrelevant what it was that he said. Guessing if no one is complaining everyone agrees it was wrong – so justice was done.

  9. No one reacted so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    This is too subjective and unevenly applied; outcomes are being detirmined.

  10. Important to know so players understand how far to push the limits of indecency? Ridiculous. Just behave on the field and you will be alright.

  11. Rules against taunting and unsportsmanlike conduct are defined and understood. There is no reason lo list everything that should not be said or done. That would be like saying rules again theft should list everything that should not be stolen.

  12. Jones knows what he said and I’m sure his teammates do too. I don’t need to know what he said and generally the public doesn’t either. I’m guessing it had something to do with violence or scary talk and may have also involved mothers/wives/sisters/daughters etc. I’m sure referee Shawn Smith has heard some crude words in his adult life and trust that it was genuinely disturbing or the flag would not have been thrown.

  13. Disturbing language that has no place in professional football? Seriously? Was it like the smack talk that occurs on every play? Or maybe like the language that Brady chirped at Marshon Lattimore? Just ridiculous.

    The more we hear about this incident, the more it smells like a really bad call at a really crucial point in the game. If there is a language standard being used, it needs to be spelled out clearly and applied fairly across the league. Otherwise, it is nothing more than a tool that officials have to arbitrarily decide games.

  14. Jones won’t repeat it, the Chiefs appear to have no issue whatsoever with the call on the field, and nobody wants to put what he said out there,

    it’s safe to assume it was pretty foul stuff best left unsaid.

    And it’s probably best to move on.

  15. The only “disturbing language” here is that spoken words can alter the outcome of an entire football game

  16. Have we really become such a thin skinned society? But then I am from the sticks and stones generation!

  17. The Jerky Boys come to mind… “Initially I was hurt by his words.”. For them, this was a joke. In our current wokeness, I worry it’s no longer funny.

  18. Super Weak Call. Refs called it at a critical point in the game. Without that call, Colts lose the game. Refs delivered the game to Indy.

  19. sounds like the refs were protecting the colts plus 5.5, chiefs were up 17 to 14 with Ryan getting sacked on 4th down at the 31, chiefs make a 3 to put it away and colts are out of their 5.5 points (20-14) I’m not one to generally believe that stuff but one could make the case.

  20. It wasn’t Chris Jones or the refs that only scored 17 pts on a team that got goose-egged by the Texans the previous week.

  21. The more they talk about the severity of his words without actually saying it is making people imagine it was much worse than what it probably was. Someone should just say what he said already or we’ll continue to fill in the blanks in the worst way.

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