Giants fear Sterling Shepard’s knee injury is season-ending

Dallas Cowboys v New York Giants
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Giants wide receiver Sterling Shepard had to be carted off the field after the team’s final offensive snap in Monday night’s loss to the Cowboys, and afterward multiple Giants indicated the indication is that Shepard will miss the rest of the season.

Giants coach Brian Daboll said it’s particularly hard to see with Shepard because of how hard Shepard worked to come back from the torn Achilles that ended his 2021 season.

“It’s tough. It’s a tough sport,” Daboll said, via ESPN. “Guys work their butts off to get back from injuries. This is something, if he’s out for the whole season, which we’ll probably know [Tuesday] morning . . . you hurt for those guys because you watch them in the rehab room, you watch them in the offseason. It’s just a shame.”

Giants quarterback Daniel Jones seemed devastated after the game by Shepard’s injury.

“Hate to see that for him,” Jones said. “No one deserves that, but especially not him. He works his tail off and means a ton for this team, for all of us.”

Shepard leads the Giants with 154 receiving yards this season.

9 responses to “Giants fear Sterling Shepard’s knee injury is season-ending

  1. Those noncontact injuries almost always are season enders. He’s had 2 major leg injuries in 2 years. He’s earned 30+ million. It’s probably time for him to rehab the injury and then walk away with his health. He can spend the next 6 months, while rehabbing, figuring out what he wants to do with the rest of his life as a wealthy man.

  2. The NFL or NFLPA need to look into the turf at MetLife Stadium already. The Ravens had Kyle Fuller go down in Week 1 and now this. It was a non-contact away-from-the-ball injury.

  3. Really hate to see that happen to this guy. We were looking forward to seeing him play our Packers.

  4. Can probably get Kendrick Bourne from the Pats. Probably a better receiver but somehow is in BB’s doghouse.

  5. Giants/Jets don’t give a crap about their players, otherwise they’d play on grass . If not a dome, teams should be required have a GRASS field!

  6. Carl Banks said on the radio broadcast, it’s time to upgrade the turf with all the money they take in.

  7. Freaky injury,…. he didn’t do anything. He was just running at half speed and BOOM !! Like someone else posted,… it’s like a sniper got him in the knee.

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