Jerry Jones: Cooper Rush has “the makeup of a top quarterback”


Jerry Jones just can’t help himself.

Less than a week after musing about the possibility of having an eventual dilemma at the quarterback position thanks to the play of Cooper Rush, Jones was praising Rush for winning his third game in three career starts. Two of which came in prime time.

Appearing on 105.3 The Fan in Dallas, Jones said Rush has “the makeup of a top quarterback,” via Todd Archer of “Let me say this,” Jones added, “he’s certainly playing as well as anybody could’ve expected.”

This comes at a time when starter Dak Prescott continues to push to return from a Week One hand fracture that initially was supposed to result in a 6-8 week absence. Prescott has been saying he intends to return soon. Maybe by Week Five against the Rams. Maybe by Week Six against the Eagles.

Maybe by this Sunday against the Commanders.

“I think his progress is nothing short of amazing,” Jones said regarding Prescott’s recovery. Jones said that Prescott’s return will hinge on his ability to grip the ball properly.

But gripping the ball properly and performing at the highest level are two different things. Prescott wants to play, as any competitor would. Seeing Rush play so well — and hearing the boss go on and on about it — won’t make Prescott any less anxious.

It’s a risky proposition for the Cowboys. If Prescott pushes to return before he’s ready and doesn’t play well, there’s nothing they can really do. It’s far better to wait for Prescott to be truly 100 percent, especially if the Cowboys can keep winning with Rush.

The best outcome for the Cowboys would be to find a way to ride the hot hand of Rush for as long as it stays that way, with Prescott’s hand declared to be “100 percent” the moment Rush cools off. But good luck getting Prescott to go along with that, once he thinks he’s ready to go.

45 responses to “Jerry Jones: Cooper Rush has “the makeup of a top quarterback”

  1. He is such a prospect that the Cowboys GM (wink,wink) exposed him to every other team via waivers a couple weeks ago. Either the rest of the league is stupid or the Cowboys GM just loves to hear the sound of his own voice.

  2. Rush has played well and he does deserve to hear praise from the boss. If that upsets Prescott then he needs to up his level of play.

  3. Not sure what you want him to say. “Hey, the kids average, that’s why he’s a backup. But he’ll have to do until Dak gets back. We’re just happy the defense is keeping us in games?” It’s best for Rush and the team if he talks him up and supports him. It might also increase his value as a QB in case someone wants to trade for him. When Dak is ready, he’ll play. Everyone knows it, why cut Rush’s legs out from under him and say it?

  4. Doesn’t this sound familiar? Cowboys starting qb gets hurt, owner loves shiny new thing, starting qb comes back too early, staring qb career over. Jerry always likes the shiny new toy till he doesn’t everyone knows that

  5. If the Cowboys were smart, they would stick with the hot hand and see what Rush can do, especially in big games. Prescott has already demonstrated that he’s in the Kirk Cousins-Derek Carr group of QBs: Guys who put up great numbers every year but never actually win anything that matters.

  6. Jerry is just dreaming that Rush is going to step in for an injured starter and become the next Brady.

  7. I’m confident Jerry Jones is going to take away all the cognitive decline speculation comments away from someone else.

  8. I was thinking the same thing last night as I was watching the game. Cooper was playing just as well as Dak but for $40,000,000.00 less money. See how much you could have saved AND keep Amari Cooper while adding even more quality players, Jerry? No, that’s right, Jerry’s ego always makes an excuse.

  9. If Cooper Rush eventually becomes a good starting QB for someone, it only reinforces the point that NFL scouts don’t really know what they’re doing when evaluating some of these guys.

  10. Rush seems to know the offense and is showing some intelligence on the field. I bet he understands what to do with 15 seconds left in the game.

  11. Jerry is a clown at times but I’ve got to give him his credit as a promoter. He does it better than any other owner in the league.

  12. Jerry Jones. The gift that keeps giving. Sorry Jerry, he’s not a top QB. Although he is playing better then most thought he is still an average at best backup QB.

  13. He didn’t need to say ”makeup of a top quarterback.” That isn’t support for Rush; it’s unrealistic expectations that he can’t live up to. Fact is, he has been a quality backup enjoying good support from the rest of the team. He’s also enjoying the honeymoon where opponents can’t scheme for him. It gets much tougher when there’s considerable tape of Rush for coordinators to study.

  14. Don’t you have another business you can dabble in Jer? This Owner / GM / Coach role is a bad look! Cooper Rush has proven to be a good backup QB, can you leave it at that?

  15. Then play him instead of Prescott old man. It’s not as if you don’t already dictate all of organization’s roster, coaching, medical, media, PR, marketing,, security, legal affairs, and cheerleading squad decisions anyway.

  16. The biggest problem with the Cowboys is Jerry Jones actually thinks he is a real GM.

    They will never win a Super Bowl with Jerry getting in the way.

  17. minime says:
    September 27, 2022 at 10:33 am
    Trade Dak.‐——————————-Im Dak Prescott and I approve this message.

  18. Jerry blowing a lot of smoke for a game manager at best , he’ll be up for trade this off season lol

  19. It’s because he has a very solid defense that Rush doesn’t need to be very productive. Thus, it makes Rush look better.

  20. When bashing Jerry Jones please remember he waltzed into Dallas and bought The Cowboys for $150,000,000 in 1989.

  21. Dr. J. Jones has spoken!! Rush is the hot hand right now until defenses learn him. When he has a bad game it’s Cool Hand Dak to the Rescue!!

  22. If Cooper Rush has “the makeup of a top quarterback”, then he must have stolen it from Mary Kay.

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