Joe Judge: Brian Hoyer is always ready when he’s called on

New York Jets v New England Patriots
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Patriots quarterback Mac Jones was coy about how long he might be out after suffering an ankle sprain at the end of Sunday’s loss to the Ravens.

But it appears Jones will be out for at least this week’s matchup with the Packers. That means backup Brian Hoyer is in line to make his first start since 2020.

Hoyer has been around for a while, entering the league with the Patriots as an undrafted free agent in 2009. While he’s spent the majority of his career with New England, he’s started only one game for the club. Hoyer has made 38 starts elsewhere, 16 of which came with his hometown Browns from 2013-2014.

New England quarterbacks coach Joe Judge praised Hoyer when speaking to the media on Tuesday.

“One thing that Brian does whether it’s practice or games, is he’s always engaged…always ready to take that next snap when he’s called on,” Judge said, via Mike Giardi of NFL Media.

Judge also noted, via Karen Guregian of the Boston Herald, that New England will tweak its offense to fit the skillset of whatever quarterback is behind center, but there won’t be wholesale changes.

“You’re always looking to play to a player’s strengths,” Judge said.

Wednesday will be the first indication of what Jones can or can’t do on the field through New England’s injury report.

22 responses to “Joe Judge: Brian Hoyer is always ready when he’s called on

  1. Bailey Zappe will be under center by the 4th quarter of the Packers game and maybe for the rest to the season.

  2. Tough schedule for those Packers. After getting curb stomped by the Vikings, they get the terrible Bears, the Bucs without all of their wide receivers, and now the Patriots without their quarterback. It’s almost like when they won all those championships in the 1920’s playing against high school teams.

  3. I have a lot of respect for Hoyer. He’s a very good team player, always scouts opponents well, and he’s a consistent QB. But he has limitations, which anybody who’s watched him over the years has seen. Having him start on Sunday is probably a good idea, but I’m hoping Zappe gets some experience too.

  4. Hoyer really isn’t a bad QB. Mac has more potential, but he’s still making rookie mistakes. Hoyer is a real vet, and it wouldn’t surprise me if they didn’t really drop off w/ him at the helm for a few weeks.

  5. As much as I would like to see Hoyer get that bad taste out of his mouth from that 2020 start in KC where he played really well, and had the Pat’s positioned to lead at the half, and then had an inexplicable brain fart/meltdown that altered the course of the game, his limitations will result in less than stellar results when considering the season as a whole. Yes, it’s wise to let him drive the car and try and middle it down the road and squeek out some wins while Mac recovers, but that may not happen. Plus we have no idea how long Mac will be out, or if he will indeed have surgery etc. It’s early in his career to put Zappe out there, especially considering the jump in competition he has to make from Houston Baptist/Western Kentucky to THE NFL. Since he is not the projected starter long term, is there any risk in putting him out there and seeing what he can do, and if he can fast track his learning experience? Whatever happens, unless he pulls a Brady, he’s going back to the bench. So can you “ruin” a backup QB like that? If they think he can handle it, I’d like to see him out there. It would be more exciting, and any losses would be more palatable knowing the situation. Of course if it would be an abject disaster, the coaches should go with Hoyer. I defer to them. Even so, I’d be prepping Bailey and looking for ways to get him in there. I’d even consider trying out Bailey first, to see how it goes. It is easier to pull a rookie backup QB and replace him with the aging vet than vice verse. You can tell Hoyer that it’s in the teams best long term interest to work Bailey in due to the age factor and Hoyer’s impending retirement. They need to see what they have in Bailey. That’s part of being the aging veteran backup. You are an insurance policy, and you have to flex to the teams needs. So I’d love for them to take my advice, but my advice is probably wrong on this and they will in all likelihood go with Hoyer….and it’s likely the smartest and best odds proposition….yada yada yada. But they should try Bailey anyway. If he struggles, Hoyer can be the Hero. This would likely be Hoyer’s last chance to start any games in the NFL, so if he gets the nod, I hope for his sake he plays well, and it’s the last thing he remembers about his career, not that game in KC.

  6. 14 year veteran, 38 starts. No worries. Its not like they have to send in a rookie. Belichick certainly knows what he’s got – Hoyer’s been with the team 3 times.
    Nothing wrong with a career in the NFL as a backup; he’s made almost $50 million over his career.

  7. In other news the patriots have been eliminated from the playoffs and are in line for a top 10 draft pick. Cheers!

  8. Bailey Zappe??? People must be joking. He’s a 4th round rookie that played at Western Kentucky for 1 year. Against teams like Middle Tenn St and UTEP. That was after transferring from Houston Baptist. Now, 4 games into his rookie season, he’s gonna start for a fair(at best) NFL team? Lol.

  9. Why all the hate on Hoyer? I think he’s a good veteran back up. As much as I can’t stand the pats, (mostly because of one person) he’s not that bad

  10. Unfortunately the memory of Hoyer’s disaster, in 2020, still hangs over him. Hopefully he can prove why he has remained in the league for so long. Playing against the Packers, with Patricia at OC… it’s hard to imagine though. PLEASE prove yourself Brian.

  11. Brian Hoyer holds the active NFL record for quarterbacks in that he’s lost the last 11 games he’s started. He’s got a chance to put some distance between himself and whomever is #2 on the list…

  12. Everyone who knows anything about football knew before the season that this team is terrible. Without Bradys coattails to ride, bb is just a cheating Jeff Fisher.

  13. He might “know the offense”, and be experienced, but the guy never actually wins any games. It’s coaching malpractice to continue putting him out there in these situations.

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