Jon Feliciano: Daniel Jones did all he could, loss is on the offensive line

Dallas Cowboys v New York Giants
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Defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence led the way for the Cowboys pass rush with three sacks of Giants quarterback Daniel Jones on Monday night, but he wasn’t the only member of the Dallas defense to disrupt Jones’ pocket in the 23-16 win.

Per ESPN Stats & Info, Jones was pressured more often than any other quarterback in a game this season. He wound up being sacked five times overall and he was hit 12 times while trying to throw the ball.

Jones was able to turn some pressure into an opportunity to run and he finished the night with 79 rushing yards, but going 20-of-37 for 196 yards and an interception through the air didn’t do much to help the Giants’ cause. Center Jon Feliciano said that the offensive shortcomings were on the line rather than the quarterback.

“I think we got to come back and watch the film,” Feliciano said, via a transcript provided by the team. “I think every game has been different. We just got to come out and get in a better rhythm and have 8’s back, like I said. I don’t think particularly we played very well up front and other places that are not my job. And they know. Everyone knows we got to help 8, especially when he’s out there doing what he’s doing: just never giving up on the play, taking big hits, making plays with his legs. I mean, he did everything he could out there. And this loss is on us up front, not on 8.”

The Bears haven’t flashed the same kind of pass rushing chops as the Cowboys, but they’ll likely be looking at tape of Monday night to find ways to exploit the same weaknesses that the Cowboys did in their win. If the Giants can’t shore them up, it will be another long day for the offense.

7 responses to “Jon Feliciano: Daniel Jones did all he could, loss is on the offensive line

  1. Packers and Jints meet up in London in a few weeks. If the Jints can’t provide better protection, it’s gonna be a long flight home from Heathrow.

  2. Feliciano should at least turnaround and yell – “Look out” every time his man beats him rushing the QB. Gettleman left a mess that no coach and/or GM could fix in one season.

  3. Daniel Jones balled out yesterday. Kind of reminds me of the early years of Tannehill in Miami when everyone blamed him for the offensive struggles when ironically he was the only thing keeping them competitive to begin with. And just like Tannehill, Jones absorbed one hit after another and like a true gunslinger, got back up and was going to give all he had.

    He doesn’t have any elite traits but he’s absolutely not horrible. And he’s certainly tough as nails.

  4. Is Daniel Jones the next GOAT? Of course not – but he can scrable and run like all heck, throw pretty good at times, and I would say is far from the worst QB of the league.

    If you could put the proper pieces around him, including a decent OL, and some superstar WR’s, along with Saquon – then they would be ready to go.

    They should do whatever it takes to get BOTH AB, AND Odell back in the fold. Are both messed up at times? Sure, but it would sure make for an exciting Team to watch again – and isn’t that what this thing is all about?

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