Mike Gesicki playing a limited role in Dolphins’ offense

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The Dolphins put the franchise tag on tight end Mike Gesicki this offseason despite questions about whether he’d fit in new head coach Mike McDaniel’s offense. Through three games, it’s looking like the answer to those questions is “No.”

Gesicki played just 17 snaps in Sunday’s win over the Bills and caught just one pass for six yards. For the season, Gesicki has just six catches for 48 yards. He hasn’t been in the starting lineup for any of the Dolphins’ three games and has played less than half of the Dolphins’ offensive snaps.

That’s obviously not the kind of production a team hopes for when giving a tight end a $10.931 million guaranteed salary. Durham Smythe, whose salary this season is just $2 million, has started all three games at tight end this season and moved ahead of Gesicki on the Dolphins’ depth chart.

There was talk before the season that the Dolphins could be looking to trade Gesicki. It wouldn’t be surprising if the Dolphins explore that possibility again before the trade deadline, although there may not be a team interested in taking on that $10.931 million salary.

9 responses to “Mike Gesicki playing a limited role in Dolphins’ offense

  1. Such an wonder position to be in when your team has so much talent that guys as good as Gesicki are finding it hard to get on the field. Go Fins!

  2. ^Thats actually not why, it’s because the Shanahan/McDaniel scheme requires someone who can block, or at least is willing to try, and Gesicki has never done that. That’s why other dude is playing. Bummer cause he could be a beast in this scheme a la Kittle.

  3. Gesicki is a super sized slot receiver. He’s unable to execute the blocking in the run game.

  4. He was rarely a “starter” in past seasons, but that was just of lineup variations. I like Gesicki. But he’s just not the dynamic player a true TE needs to be. And he only had 2TDs last year. 2!

  5. Kittle is the most physical TE in the league. Gesicki is all finesse. He can’t be anything like Kittle. Gesicki is not an underneath bruiser. He won’t be that short yardage threat. Which a TE in McDaniel’s offense needs to be. A threat in short and intermediate plays is what allows Waddle and Hill to go deep so often. Tua had thrown for the 2 most yards in the NFL. You know who the #2 and #3 WRs are in yardage? Waddle and Hill. Gesicki does not fit here. Someone like Kittle or Kelce would.

  6. One of the really few odd maneuvers the Dolphins made over the off-season was franchise tagging him. It became apparent quickly he was not going to be a great fit in the new offensive scheme. Trades are rare during the season, but who knows……

  7. But seriously, a Coach like Mike McD I believe plays situational. Gesicki is about like or somewhat like Rob G…..no insult to Rob G. Gronk is not known so much as a blocking TE…..Keep Mike G around…he just might make “the catch”. One never knows now does one?

  8. Rob Gronkowski is well known as one of the best blocking TEs of all time it would be hard to be more wrong about something if you tried to. Almost wondering if you’re kidding but maybe you just don’t watch much football.

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