Mike Tomlin: Mitch Trubisky improving in all areas

NFL: SEP 22 Steelers at Browns
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Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin was asked if he was considering a quarterback change after last Thursday’s loss to the Browns and said that “the answer to that question is definitively no.”

Nothing’s changed Tomlin’s mind over the last few games. Trubisky remains the top quarterback on the team’s depth chart for this week’s game against the Jets and Tomlin said  at his Tuesday press conference that he has seen improvement from the quarterback in “all areas” over the first three weeks of the season.

More generally, Tomlin said that the offense has been better with each outing and that “there’s reason to think that improvement will continue” in Week Four and beyond.

The Steelers have the Bills, Bucs, Dolphins, and Eagles on the schedule after the Jets, so that offensive improvement may need to come even faster if they’re going to remain in the playoff hunt come the second half of the season.


27 responses to “Mike Tomlin: Mitch Trubisky improving in all areas

  1. Matt Canada will torpedo any chance they have of being a playoff team. Tomlin needs to wake up and dump this guy.

  2. The media sure do want to see Kenny Pickett out there getting destroyed week after week so they can write cautionary tales about how starting him too early turned him into David Carr.

  3. Get rid of Canada. Run play up the middle; run play up the middle; dump pass for 4 yards………..seems to be his whole playbook. Offensive needs to play faster. Canada gives no creativity.

  4. Trubisky is one of 5 back-up QB’s starting in the NFL. Just like in Chicago, he is still bad at reading Defenses, he flees the pocket far too early, and has poor accuracy. Trubisky has “led” the Steelers to 4 TD’s in 34 possesions…an abysmal rate. Pickett was drafted to be the next Franchise QB. The Steelers MUST play Pickett this year to see if he could be the answer… take off the rose- colored glasses Coach T – clearly Trubisky is not

  5. You people bashing Canada have no clue. Go watch the tape again. There have been plenty of plays to be made. Trubisky misses most of them. He’s either off target, late, or simply dumps it off. He has no vision at all. And that theory of starting a QB too early and ruining him is simply garbage. Troy Aikman sucked as a rookie. Peyton Manning had possibly the worst rookie season ever. They turned out just fine. Anyone truly good enough to be a franchise QB will work through the struggles and become one. If some rookie adversity is enough to ruin their career the they were never going to be headstrong enough to be great anyway.

  6. The offense has looked a little bit better at times. But if the highly-paid supposedly elite defense can’t stop the run it really doesn’t matter. The Patriots and Browns both beat them by possessing the ball and not even giving that anemic offense a chance.

  7. Not a Steelers fan, but I do respect that team.
    How many seasons have the Steelers seemed inept in Sept and Oct, then suddenly they find the way to win in Nov, and Dec, when it matters.

  8. Trubisky is limited, but the real problem is the defense can’t stop the run or get off the field on third down. Much like last year, it will be an ongoing problem. In fairness, the whole defensive scheme changes with Watt out. Importantly, it changes how they can utilize Fitzpatrick. Canada doesn’t make Trubisky’s life any easier, but I thought the play-calling was a tad better last Thursday. The defense was absolute trash and was the real reason they lost the game.

  9. Even with Big Ben Tomlin’s teams are notorious slow starters and only and easy schedule contradicts that so this week should be very telling. Also once Watt is back the defense will able to be better in the second half of games. Any thoughts about the playoffs should be long gone by now.

  10. Trubisky finally has a head coach who wants to work with him to get the most from his ability — not a head coach ready to walk away from him to save his own skin.

  11. Sorry Rebelsailor, Pickett is not the answer. Canada had Trubisky running left, right at Garrett last wk, to try a makeable 3rd & 4, pass. It failed miserably. Also D Johnson dropped a dime that Trubisky threw, again, crucially on 3rd down. Trubisky is accurate – Canada should be sent to Canada.

  12. Mike Tomlin has my benefit-of-the-doubt about his players and their development tracks and potential. This is the coach who got Big Ben, Antonio Brown, and LeVeon Bell all on the same page being productive. To me thats simply amazing in hindsight. Throw in Trubisky is already a better QB than he was in Chicago, and the upward-track game-by-game being true, I’d be inclined to believe Tomlin.

  13. Some seriously dumb comments here always, but Steelers fans thought Trubisky was going to be MVP? That’s just insane. No one ever said that or thought it.

  14. touchback6 says:
    September 27, 2022 at 1:39 pm

    Matt New Brunswick is not good nor is Trubisky.


    You’re in the same boat. Except your qb has peaked. Have a great day lol.

  15. Well of course he is getting Better. New Team, new playbook, new coaches, new teammates, it takes time to adjust. But Trubisky looks limited and they have alot of areas that need work. How could that defense look so good against Cincy and so bad later? I say leave MK in until the playoff are out of sight and then let Pickett play the second half of games. Cuts down on possible injuries and lets the Kid get his feet wet

  16. Hard to be a good QB when you are running for your life every play. Even Harris cant run because of the lack of blocking. It is going to take awhile to get the Oline playing well enough to hold up the rush for the receivers to get open.

  17. The Jets will make Trubisky look like Johnny Unitas. Reality will set back the following week.

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