NFL not currently discussing alternate sites for Chiefs-Buccaneers (but there are at least two)

Florida Residents Prepare For Hurricane Ian
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Sunday night’s game between the Chiefs and Buccaneers was originally scheduled for Tampa. It continues to be scheduled for Tampa, despite the impending arrival of Hurricane Ian.

We are not discussing any potential sites,” a league spokesperson told Rob Maaddi of the Associated Press. “We continue to monitor the storm and are in constant communication with the clubs and local authorities. Decision could be made as late as Friday.”

It’s fine to not make a decision until Friday, but they are surely at least considering alternative locations. Unless, of course, they’ve already made the decision on what the alternative location would be, which would leave them with nothing to discuss.

On Monday, a Tampa Sports Authority spokesperson told Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times that Raymond James Stadium “will be used by emergency services for personnel and equipment staging during the hurricane and not utilized as a public shelter.” Stroud added that, for broadcast purposes, the league “may decide to flex another game for Sunday Night Football or even move the Bucs-Chiefs game to Monday night.”

Jenna Laine of reported that, if Raymond James Stadium can’t be utilized, “the NFL is unlikely to use Miami as the new game site.” The NFL, per Laine, “does not want to risk taking up state resources to host a game in Miami that could be better utilized in Tampa in the aftermath of the hurricane.” If the game is moved, it would end up “at a neutral site in the Midwest, such as Minneapolis.”

The Vikings face the Saints in London on Sunday morning. Which also means that the Superdome is available.

Via Jeff Duncan of the New Orleans Times-Picayune, a Superdome spokesperson said that the Saints’ home stadium is available to host the game, if need be.

It would be a major advantage for the Chiefs if the game is moved out of Tampa, since the Bucs would lose their home crowd. If it’s moved to Minnesota, passionate Chiefs fans would be roughly 6.5 hours away by car. Vikings fans would also be tempted to attend in order to: (1) see Tom Brady play in person; and (2) root loudly against him, since the Bucs and Vikings could be competing for spots on the playoff tree.

Ditto for New Orleans. Saints fans surely hate Brady and the Bucs more than enough to fill the venue and harass the man who smashed two tablets there nine days ago.

For now, the NFL continues to wait. Much of what happens on Sunday depends on how bad the storm ends up being.

37 responses to “NFL not currently discussing alternate sites for Chiefs-Buccaneers (but there are at least two)

  1. There is nothing big enough that could happen to make goodell give up a home game for Brady.

  2. If they care about preserving homefield for the Bucs, play it in Foxboro. Pats are on the road, the game will sell out, and nearly all of them will be rooting for Brady.

  3. per covid19 comment – Yes Jacksonville would be a good alternative site. Hopefully we dont get hit too bad around here and by Sun night things are semi back to normal…we shall see.

  4. I’m sure Owner Jerruh would love to ho$t the game, but he has an early game at home. Chargers and Rams are both on the road, so SoFy would be solid neutral site. Since the storm is heading north, holding the game at Jax, Atlanta, or Carolina wouldn’t be advisable.

  5. Giselle

    Doesn’t matter where its played, the losing streak continues this week

  6. This is not supposed to be a neutral site, considering it’s a Bucs home game. So, they have to play somewhere where it favors Brady. That’s either Jacksonville or Foxboro.

  7. Gov. DeSantis just signed an emergency order prohibiting anyone from using the words “hurricane” and “flooding”.

  8. mackcarrington says:
    September 27, 2022 at 5:33 pm
    Gov. DeSantis just signed an emergency order prohibiting anyone from using the words “hurricane” and “flooding”.
    That would be funny if DeSantis had ever signed legislation prohibiting anyone from using any word

  9. Mahomes is 0-2 against Brady in games that matter and Rodgers is 0-1 against Brady in conference championships. And Rodgers has never defeated the 49ers in the playoffs. That is all.

  10. So there’s a hurricane headed north in the gulf with its destination unknown and the NFL and some folks above are suggesting New Orleans? Seriously? All you gotta worry about up here in MN this time of year is getting hit with falling leaves, loud gjallarhorns and drunken cheesers that wander across the border.

  11. The NFL has time now to handle this after they conned someone to do its Snoopy Bowl half time show.

  12. “Brady hasn’t either.” Um, it’s because he played in the AFC for 20 years. Did you think that one through? He got by the Falcons and Seahawks, but Rodgers didn’t.

  13. The league continues to make simple decisions look unnecessarily complex. Although I feel like at this point even the weather reports have become more about sensationalizing to get more viewers and clicks, the potential impact of a hurricane should take precedent over disrupting the NFL schedule. The suits on Park Ave. just need to move the game– why wait? The west coast of FL (and it sounds like Tampa in particular) is still going to be dealing with the aftermath of the storm, even on Sunday. It might cost the Bucs a loss of revenue, but I suspect they’ll survive.

    Minnesota makes sense for a neutral site… but I have to say, I like the suggestion of Foxboro too. That would never happen, but it would be a spectacle for sure.

  14. You have to wonder if the need to prioritize a football game for the Buccaneers to win (likely not happening) is more important than the totally avoidable situation Florida is facing with Hurricane Ian. Sometimes, a game is not important. And when hearing Tom Brady’s comments about this coming Sunday, all I could think was “we need to win this game so that I do not have to regret my decision to choose football over life with the family.” It is sad, really. And I do have to wonder how Brady will deal with a life after the NFL.

    Should there be a change in venue for the Chiefs against the Buccaneers game, perhaps it is needed to seek a neutral venue. Any venue will probably benefit Kansas City, except one. That of course would be Gillespie Stadium in Foxboro, Massachusetts just outside of Boston. Home of the New England Patriots. As it turns out the Pats have an away game that week. And with each game now likely to be Tom Brady’s last, it would be a fitting end to have it end at his true football home. That is, of course, if Brady understands this is it for his football life and wants to take part in a reunion of the Patriots of some sort. Pride and ego have gotten in the way of a more fitting ending as of now. We shall see what road is taken next.


  15. Play it in KC. Tampa had a home for the super bowl. It’s not the same but I will take it. Go Chiefs!

  16. Superdome holds more than the Minneapolis stadium and is easy for Tampa and KC fans to get to. Plus Bourbon Street is a short walk from the Dome so there’s that…

  17. There is nothing big enough that could happen to make goodell give up a home game for Brady.

    Does anyone try harder?

  18. I live in the Twin Cities and I would for sure be going to see the GOAT and Pat Mahomes play. I have no doubt the fans here would pack the stadium to see 2 great QB’s in the same game in Minneapolis. Been a while.

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