To get more from Daniel Jones, the Giants need plenty of help at receiver

Dallas Cowboys v New York Giants
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The good news for the Giants is that running back Saquon Barkley has rediscovered the health, and the form, that made him a great running back early in his career. The bad news for the Giants is that Barkley is pretty much all they have on offense.

They need help at receiver. Plenty of it. Especially with receiver Sterling Shepard likely out for the year after suffering a late-game, non-contact knee injury in Monday night’s loss to the Cowboys.

Big-money 2021 free-agent acquisition Kenny Golladay continues to be a major disappointment. Although he was on the field for 24 of the offensive snaps (up from two in Week Two), he was targeted only three times, with no catches. He had a critical drop on third and thirteen, with the Giants trailing by only seven in the fourth quarter.

High-profile 2021 first-rounder Kadarius Toney also continues to underwhelm. He missed last night’s game due to injury. In two games this year, he has two receptions for zero yards.

Obviously, they need more (or anything) from Golladay and Toney. As explained over the weekend, they’ve tried to get Cole Beasley — and still can. He’s on the Tampa Bay practice squad. If/when the Giants make him an offer he won’t refuse, they can add him to the active roster.

Beyond that, there’s not much more than can be done. The guys they have aren’t consistently getting open, not quickly enough to keep quarterback Daniel Jones from being relentlessly harassed. Last night, he was hurried 24 times, hit 12 times, sacked five times.

And while he’s no longer holding the ball too long in the pocket, he’s often waiting too long to pull the trigger once he has left it. But what else can he do if guys aren’t open?

Barkley can only do so much. Jones can only do so much. At some point, they need others to step up. And if they can’t or won’t, the Giants need to look wherever they can for help.

10 responses to “To get more from Daniel Jones, the Giants need plenty of help at receiver

  1. Jones does need receivers, and he shouldn’t be running for his life every other play, either. That o-line didn’t look good last night.

  2. They need even more help on the offensive line. We’ll never know how good Daniel Jones is, he has no time to set up and complete a normal pass.

  3. Daniel Jones has looked good this year for what he’s had to work with. No QB in the NFL can play at a high level with the combo of a bad offensive line and no weapons outside. Him and Daboll are both completely hamstrung with the current construction of the roster.

  4. Rome was not built overnight and the New York Nightmara Family Crime Syndicate has been poorly coached and managed for nearly a decade. What they have is what they will have for the season. Nothing implied here – just a reality.

  5. Given the situation that clown Gettleman left the Giants in (lack of both talent and cap room) it is amazing that they won 2 games. Saquon and Thomas are only offensive players who are even average NFL players. Let’s be honest. It is going to take some time.

  6. Go pay and do whatever it takes to get both AB, and Odell. Would sure make for some exciting games……..

  7. As to receivers, to quote the late and great Casey Stengel, “Can anybody here play this game?” Or stay on the field long enough to try.

  8. I’d also be just as worried about the pass rush. Got our two blue chip rushers back on the field and Rush could have hung his jersey back in his closet without washing it – ‘cept for the sweat.

  9. He needs help everywhere. But it is refreshing to see an offense from this decade. They actually have unique formations and use motion for once in forever.

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