Brett Favre’s charitable foundation donated more than $130,000 to Southern Miss athletics

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The efforts of Brett Favre to raise money for his alma mater wasn’t limited to alleged misappropriation of federal welfare funds. Favre also may have used money from his charitable foundation to help boost Southern Mississippi athletics.

Katie Strang an Kalyn Kahler of report that Favre’s foundation — known as Favre 4 Hope — donated more than $130,000 to the USM Athletic Foundation from 2018-20. Recent court filings in the Mississippi welfare scandal should that Favre was, at the same time, trying to commandeer federal funding for a volleyball center at the university.

The donations, identified in public records filed by the foundation, also include more than $60,000 to the Oak Grove High School Booster Club, to assist with the construction of an athletic facility.

Such payments conflict with the stated mission of the foundation, which is to support “charitable organizations whose focus is to provide support for disadvantaged children” and “nonprofits that provide assistance to breast cancer patients.”

Favre’s attorney declined comment to His agent, Bus Cook, is listed as one of the foundation’s directors. Cook also declined comment for the story.

Favre has been formally accused of no wrongdoing. That could change, in theory, at any time.

26 responses to “Brett Favre’s charitable foundation donated more than $130,000 to Southern Miss athletics

  1. While legally it likely won’t matter. On the moral scale I still have yet to see evidence that Favre knew the money was from a welfare fund. Out of the dozens and dozens of text messages we’ve seen, none of them are someone telling Brett this is from welfare. Right?

  2. Let’s not talk about Brett and $$$$. He’s lost the shine on his legacy because of it.

  3. He “donated” money to the athletic program. That makes him a good guy, right? That makes up for that other money he took, right?

  4. If he funds his foundation he can spend it on whatever he wants, I guess. But, if he hasn’t also given that much money or more to at least six or eight other legitimate recipients, I will have to assume it’s a tax-dodge for his personal benefit. Where else has money from this specific foundation been sent? Nowhere? Just his pet projects? If so, hang him out to dry. His wife seemed smart. What’s her take?

  5. Why do it this way, though? Brett Favre can’t laugh off 190k on his own, so instead he’ll deliberately misappropriate funds (not that he’s been accused of anything)? None of it makes any sense.

  6. “Favre has been formally accused of no wrongdoing”

    That sentence jumped out because he has in fact been so completely accused, tried, and convicted in the media. Even as I too think he needs to be held accountable its still discomforting to see how far ahead of the courts we are with the whole mob rule justice thing.

  7. Seems that Favre’s decision making abilities are suspect and that he doesn’t like consulting legal expertise. Keep digging, I am sure there more to this guy.

  8. I wonder if you look deeply how many of these charitable foundations are fleecing thier donors, raising money from these folks desire to genuinely help, and then using the money for their own purposes. This is the only one right?

  9. If Brett had simply lent his name to the effort the USM Athletic Foundation could have easily raised $130,000 over three years. The same is true for Oak Grove high. One word from Brett would easily bring in that amount.

    There was no need to rip off the poor folks of Mississippi or violate the mission of his charitable foundation.

  10. Based on how Mississippi politicians spend taxpayers money donating money to schools probably does fall under, “to provide support for disadvantaged children”.

  11. The man is worth of at least a hundred million and has to steal $130k from his charity to help out the school? Over 3 years? So Favres honor is worth less than $44k a year?? Damn.

  12. The more they dig up on Favre, the worse he looks, if that’s even possible. He obviously doesn’t care about the needy.

  13. pkrlver – “The man is worth at least a hundred million”.
    You throw around big numbers but you don’t know that. Yes – if he maximized all his endorsement and broadcast opportunities, I’m sure he could get there. But you can’t equate the money he made playing to his present net worth. Still – he had plenty to make donations himself, or use his name to raise funds.

  14. Too many people think the problem with our country is the fringe-dwellers at the bottom of the food chain. Not so. They don’t make a dent in the grand scheme of things. It’s the fringe-dwellers at the top that make things bad for the most people. It’s always been that way.

  15. Wait…some of you think Favre DIDN’T know where the money came from? Seriously? If he didn’t know something shady was up why, in text messages with the head of the charity asking if they could just pay him directly as payment for work, did Favre ask if the money could be traced backed to him? If you were receiving money on the up-and-up would you ask that? When you get your weekly/bi-weekly/monthly pay checks do you ask your employer if the money can be traced back to you? The answer is of course it can be and you should be proud to receive payment for the work you do and not feel the need to hide it.


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