Conflicting reports emerge as to whether AT&T Stadium will host 2026 World Cup final


In 2026, the United States will host the World Cup. The specific location of the final match has not yet been disclosed.

Conflicting reports recently have emerged regarding the possibility that AT&T Stadium, home of the Dallas Cowboys, will serve as the location of the World Cup final.

It started with John Sutcliffe of ESPN. He’s present for the various Monday Night Football games, and he quite possibly was told something by someone with the Cowboys. It was repeated by Herculez Gomez of ESPN, and amplified by the ESPN FC Twitter account.

Paul Livengood of disputes the ESPN reporting — which has yet to be featured prominently by And maybe for good reason.

Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson told Livengood that “FIFA has not made a final decision” and that they “are not expecting an announcement until at least next year.”

“We are proud to have been named a World Cup host city, and we strongly believe Dallas is an ideal location for the World Cup final in 2026 and the International Broadcast Center,” Johnson said in a statement. “The Dallas region — the fourth-largest and fastest-growing in the United States — has the central location, economy, infrastructure, culture, and amenities necessary to support this major global event.”

Cowboys COO Stephen Jones also said that a decision hasn’t been made.

“Don’t know,” Jones told Mike Leslie of, “and don’t think they will announce for a while. Several areas in the mix.”

AT&T Stadium would guarantee a massive crowd, as long as sufficient seats are installed on a timely basis. The perfect location would be the Rose Bowl, the site of the 1994 World Cup final. Unfortunately, SoFi Stadium boxed out the Rose Bowl as the L.A. location for World Cup play.

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  1. Sure. Put down some real grass then. These owners spend so much on stadiums and amenities but want to cut corners on sod maintenance. Players prefer real grass and real grass also LOOKS 18583727 times better on tv

  2. That final is Los Angeles to lose and I doubt they will allow that to happen, Kronke built that stadium with that event on mind and I’m pretty sure will do everything to get it.

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