Dane Jackson back at practice nine days after leaving stadium in an ambulance

Tennessee Titans v Buffalo Bills
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Bills cornerback Dane Jackson suffered one of the scariest injuries of this NFL season when he took a hard hit to the head, was stretchered off the field and taken to the hospital in an ambulance last Monday night. But Jackson has recovered well enough that he’s already back at practice.

Jackson wore a red non-contact jersey in his first day back at practice today, and he told reporters that every exam showed there was no long-term injury to his head or neck. Jackson said the hardest thing was the unknown of being strapped down in the ambulance ride and unsure how seriously he had been hurt.

“It was pretty scary. It was pretty scary for sure,” he said. “Really, the unknown was the most scary part, but once I knew everything was OK I could relax. . . . I was worried about my son at home, my mom, everybody was crying.”

Jackson said the people of Buffalo have been incredibly supportive, with Bills fans sending him cards and get-well gifts.

“It was crazy the amount of support I received,” Jackson said. “I got letters to my house, edible arrangements to my door.”

Jackson said he isn’t sure whether he’ll play on Sunday against the Ravens, but feels good about his health.

“I’m just happy I’m OK,” he said.

6 responses to “Dane Jackson back at practice nine days after leaving stadium in an ambulance

  1. That’s really great news for Dane, his family, Bills and fans. Wishing him continued good health.

  2. Great to hear. It may be worth looking into if the recent technology changes the NFL made inside the helmets prevented a much worse outcome. We never hear enough of success stories and this could be one of them.

  3. His speedy recovery almost makes you think all those prayers were actually answered. That was maybe the scariest hit I’ve ever seen. Sometimes good things happen in this world.

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