If Chiefs-Buccaneers is moved, it will be played at U.S. Bank Stadium


With Hurricane Ian due to make landfall in Western Florida shortly, the NFL has not yet moved Sunday’s matchup between the Chiefs and Buccaneers.

But if the game is relocated, we now know where it will be played.

NFL executive vice president Jeff Miller told reporters on Wednesday that the game would be played at U.S. Bank Stadium, home of the Vikings.

Minnesota is playing the Saints in London on Sunday, which makes the venue available.

But Miller noted, via Albert Breer of SI.com, that “until we know more about the storm, it’s gonna be difficult to make that decision.”

The NFL may take up to Friday to determine where Sunday’s game between Kansas City and Tampa Bay will be located.

The Buccaneers are using the Dolphins’ facility in South Florida this week to practice, as Miami is out of town to play on Thursday night against Cincinnati.

9 responses to “If Chiefs-Buccaneers is moved, it will be played at U.S. Bank Stadium

  1. Tampa is being mandatory evacuated, if any, there will be hardly any workers there. If the NFL was SMART they would move it to Minnesota already.

  2. The league will wait until the last minute and do everything possible to avoid taking a home game away from Brady.

  3. The Vikes play at 8:30am, I’d go downtown to watch that game in a heartbeat. Might even buy a Chiefs’ fan a beer if they make the long drive up 35W.

  4. If any of the Chief or Bucs fans make the trip to Murderapolis to visit their “famed” McStadium, please, watch your step for falling glass panels and dead birds. Yuck! 🤣

  5. Makes sense. If the Saints didn’t want to play in Tampa last year for Hurricane Ida, I don’t blame Bucs fans for not wanting to play in New Orleans.

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