Justin Fields on offensive struggles: You have to get back to work and keep working

Houston Texans v Chicago Bears
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Quarterback Justin Fields and the Bears offense is on pace to set several NFL records for ineptness. He has completed only 23 of 45 passes for 297 yards, with two touchdowns and four interceptions in three games.

Fields said Wednesday his struggles are just part of the process.

“My response to that is get back to work and keep working,” Fields said, via Chris Emma of 670 The Score.

Fields, the No. 11 overall selection in the 2021 draft, called his performance “trash” and “terrible” immediately after Sunday’s victory over the Texans. He wasn’t as hard on himself Wednesday, having moved on to the Giants.

“Just learn from your mistakes knowing that you’re not going to be perfect,” Fields said Wednesday. “And move on. Just correct each and every mistake and try to be better in every aspect.”

The Bears, despite their offensive woes, are 2-1 and tied with the Packers and Vikings atop the NFC North.

11 responses to “Justin Fields on offensive struggles: You have to get back to work and keep working

  1. It just makes me think about how great Tom Brady was when you gave him Randy Moss, how many Superbowl rings would the Packers have if they loaded up on WR’s, and you used a valuable pick on Justin Fields and you took away the only above average weapon he had and gave him nothing else. Tom and Aaron did more than they should’ve and Justin Fields never had a chance. But that’s the outcome when you trade the future for Mack and it doesn’t work out like you thought.

  2. To Lionsnation… there are two schools of thought. 1) You give a young QB an elite tool to help them develop. 2) You give him the guys on the roster and force him to learn to run NFL offense/go through progressions. Both of these methods have pros and cons. To be an NFL QB1, you need to produce without elite weapons. Whether it’s injuries or salary cap induced, QBs always play without studs. It would seem they are finding out right now if he can run an offense, instead of repeatedly relying on a crutch. Fields wasn’t their guy and they are not obligated to stick with him in the future. It was game 3 before Fields connected on a pass to the starting TE.

  3. This poor kid was doomed from the start with his crap coaching staff drafting him. Then they start rebuilding this year with a brand new GM and coaching staff. A promising career destroyed by circumstance. If the Bears are merciful they’ll trade him after this season to give him a fresh start.

  4. I love it when you get the usual silly remarks about no good QB’s coming of Ohio State, but nothing useful to add to the conversation. Fields is young but raw with a new coach, new OC and not much to work with. Let’s reserve judgement for a bit…

  5. Brady won with below avg WRs….he did it with whoever was on the field. Moss was only a short period but brady has how many superbowl rings? Its because he knows how to play the position unlike fields who is a RB playing qb. I wouldn’t think a lions fan would know much about what a good qb looks like anyway.

  6. Justin. Perhaps you should work on a goal less lofty – like throwing one touchdown pass in a game on consecutive weeks.

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