Aidan Hutchinson is “pretty hell-bent” on not missing any games

NFL: SEP 25 Lions at Vikings
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Lions edge rusher Aidan Hutchinson is off the team’s practice report this week, but he had a thigh injury that left him questionable last week.

The No. 2 overall selection didn’t practice all of last week but played 57 defensive snaps. He had no tackles and one quarterback hit.

“I didn’t really feel it too much. I thought I stayed pretty healthy throughout the game,” Hutchinson said, via Benjamin Raven of “I thought I played good in that game. Sometimes the sacks don’t come, but I don’t think there’s any bounce back. We just keep on rolling. I thought I played good, but yeah. We’re going to be rolling this game, just like I do every week.

“I don’t think I’ve ever missed practice a whole week and then played in the game. That’s never really been my thing. Yeah, it was just, you know, just a little something that was holding me out. I’m pretty hell-bent on not missing any games. I care about making it to Sunday. But I also value practice.”

Hutchinson has 11 quarterback pressures in three games, but all three of his sacks came in one game.

“So you could be winning rushes all game and the quarterback gets the ball out,” Hutchinson said. “But then you get those three-sack games where it’s like, it kind of just happens. And you might not be rushing the passer as good as you were for some other games. That’s why you got to stay even keeled throughout it all because it’s a very long road.

“I know that’s what the media cares about is sacks and stuff like that. But, I mean, when I turn on the tape, I make sure I’m doing my assignment and obviously making the most of my own opportunities. Obviously, you’re not going to win every single rush of every single game. Just watching myself on film and as long as I’m doing my job and playing through my assignment and getting a good get-off, staying low. Just doing what I do. I can’t be mad at myself, even if you’re not getting some sacks in some games. You just got to live with it and got to know that we got a lot more football left.”

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  1. The Vikes OTs, and even their TEs handled him pretty easily. Looks like the oft-injured first round CB is coming around though.

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