George Pickens puts last Thursday’s catch at No. 7 on his personal list

Pittsburgh Steelers v Cleveland Browns
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Last Thursday night, Steelers receiver George Pickens made a catch on par with the OBJ one-handed grab from 2014. It could be argued that the Pickens catch was even better than Odell Beckham’s signature snatching of the ball.

For Pickens, though, the effort didn’t even crack his personal top five.

That’s probably like seven,” Pickens told reporters on Thursday, via Teresa Varley of “I made even crazier catches in college.”

Pickens could make even crazier catches in the NFL. He needs his quarterback (whoever it may be) to trust him, throw it close, and let Pickens do the rest.

Because he definitely can.

7 responses to “George Pickens puts last Thursday’s catch at No. 7 on his personal list

  1. This guy….The character exactly of OBJ talking about individual catches during a loss and in a game where he had 5 catches on 7 targets for a pedestrian 65 yards. In fact, One of those missed targets was inches away from being an interception in the end zone but Emerson’s toe touched the out of bounds line as he did a spectacular mid-air somersault to snare the ball. Sorry to throw salt on your game but can’t stand arrogant players that aren’t team driven and humble.

  2. Hopefully he doesn’t take after his diva teammate Claypool and continurws to refine his route running, he’s got a lot of talent.

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