Hearing in Alvin Kamara battery case moved to November 9

New Orleans Saints v Carolina Panthers
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A hearing in Saints running back Alvin Kamara‘s battery case set has been rescheduled for the third time.

David Charns of KLAS reports that the hearing has been reset for November 9. Lawyers for Kamara and three other defendants, including Chiefs cornerback Chris Lammons, asked the judge for more time to meet with Las Vegas prosecutors in an attempt to resolve the case without going to a trial.

Kamara, Lammons, and the other defendants were not in attendance. The four men are charged with battery for an incident outside of a Las Vegas nightclub in February.

Kamara and Lammons are subject to NFL discipline under the Personal Conduct Policy, but any penalty will likely come after the case has been resolved and the latest delay makes it less likely that will happen before the end of the 2022 season.

2 responses to “Hearing in Alvin Kamara battery case moved to November 9

  1. This dude should have been suspended like Ray Rice since there is footage. Kareem Hunt should have been as well. Both incidents were known about and occurred in February prior to the intent of those players absolutely set to play in their subsequent, upcoming seasons.

    If there is footage of the action, you suspend. If the person is guilty, you suspend some more.

    This is the only league in sports anywhere in the world where such an overt effort is made to protect the almight dollar and rating$ at all costs, even right in front of the paying customer.

  2. Trying to come up with the correct number for dropping the charges. Still talking it out.Nothing to see here.

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