John Harbaugh on Josh Allen: There’s no quarterback exactly like him in football

Buffalo Bills v Miami Dolphins
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The Ravens will take on the Bills in Week Four, giving Baltimore head coach John Harbaugh another chance to prepare for quarterback Josh Allen.

Including the postseason, Allen is 1-1 against the Ravens in his career. The last matchup between the two teams was in the 2020 playoffs, when Buffalo’s defense helped the team roll to a 17-3 victory. Allen threw for 206 yards with a touchdown but rushed for just 3 yards.

On Wednesday, Harbaugh was asked about the progression from Allen in his career and noted that he doesn’t really think of it in that way.

“I haven’t really tracked the evolution of Josh Allen in that sense, but I just see him now [and] he’s a premier quarterback,” Harbaugh said in his press conference. “He’s one of the very best in the league, top whatever you want to put it, he’s in there. He presents his own unique challenges.

“There’s no quarterback exactly like him in football, and they built the offense around him really well. So, that’s what we’re faced with.”

Harbaugh said Allen presents a variety of challenges because he does so many things well.

“He’s a big, strong quarterback; he’s on time in rhythm. He can do that,” Harbaugh said. “He can hold the ball and get the ball downfield; he can throw it to every part of the field, obviously. He’s a tough tackle, even just moving in the pocket, then throwing, then getting out and running. Not only that, but they’re pretty expansive in their offense. They’re running-quarterback driven runs, they’re running RPOs.

“There are a lot of similarities in the two offenses, actually, when you take a look at it. So, his style is unique. He’s just a very athletic, big, strong guy who can throw the ball really well. So, that’s the challenge it presents.”

Allen has completed a league-high 94 passes and has thrown for a league-high 1,014 yards in 2022. He has nine passing touchdowns and has rushed for a score.

7 responses to “John Harbaugh on Josh Allen: There’s no quarterback exactly like him in football

  1. Love Josh Allen but he will still give you opportunities for turnovers and he was anointed as the second coming in a game he lost. Funny how everyone else has to win something first but Josh gets to skate on highlights and big numbers.

  2. He isn’t skating by. Any Bills fan, including me, will tell you: Allen has to bring a Super Bowl championship to Buffalo before he can be considered the best in the league. He has the potential. But he hasn’t realized it yet

  3. how come when this guy runs it 15 times a game no one throws out the “hes just a rb” comments? things that make you go hmmmmm.

  4. Josh Allen is the direct opposite of Lame in Baltimore. Allen is first a passing QB. But he runs primarily after reading a defense. Lame enters games as a running back who interrupts running to throw the ball to wide open receivers. He can’t read a defense.

  5. Can you really compare Allen to an RB when he has a laser arm? Calling a tough big guy like Allen an RB is a joke. Jackson wishes he had 1/10th the arm Allen has.

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