Kyler Murray: Baker Mayfield has thick skin, so I’m not worried about him losing confidence


Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray and Panthers quarterback Baker Mayfield are good friends, having both won the Heisman Trophy while at Oklahoma.

The two signal-callers will once again be on opposite sidelines this weekend when Arizona takes on Carolina.

Mayfield’s tumultuous 2022 offseason was well documented and Murray said on Wednesday that his former college teammate was equipped to go through what is widely regarded as a tough transition from one team to the next.

“As a brother obviously, I know he’s capable of handling it all, which he does very well,” Murray said in his press conference. “I think a lot of stuff for him in the past he’s put on himself sometimes and that’s some things that we joke with him about, but he’s got really thick skin. I know that stuff can wear on him just because of how much unwarranted or just unnecessary stuff just gets said and stuff like that. He’s got thick skin, so I’m not too worried about him losing confidence or anything like that.”

Mayfield has completed just 52 percent of his passes for 550 yards with three touchdowns and one interception so far in 2022. He’s also rushed for 40 yards with a TD.

Murray said he hasn’t thought too much about the fact that he’s facing his friend this week.

“I talked to him I think it was before they played the Giants or after they played Giants, but other than that it hasn’t really been a big deal in that manner,” Murray said. “Obviously, we’re both 1-2 so he’s got his own things going on. We’ve got our own things going on,` so I think the main focus is really just trying to get a win.

“I’m going love to see him obviously, but as far as the competitive nature of the game every week we’ve got to win a game.”

6 responses to “Kyler Murray: Baker Mayfield has thick skin, so I’m not worried about him losing confidence

  1. The problem with these kinds of players playing at a school like Oklahoma is they’re treated like kings down there and they’ve never made a mistake in their minds. So, by the time they get to the NFL, they’re conditioned to believe it’s never them who could make a mistake.

    In other words, they’re bordering on being uncoachable, kind of like what Brady has turned into now, which is why Belichick/Kraft lowballed Brady intentionally to walk.

    If you can’t coach the player, you don’t have a player who can grow.

    That’s why you see these quotes from these guys. Sam Darnold is another one. He genuinely believes he’s been good and progressing in the league.

  2. The more Kyler talks the less anybody can like him. So arrogant with out the results to back it up. Az is going to regret paying him that kind of money for years to come.

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