Saints’ offensive coordinator: No update on Jameis Winston, we’re confident in Andy Dalton

NFL: SEP 11 Saints at Falcons
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Saints quarterback Jameis Winston surprisingly didn’t practice today, leaving open the possibility that Andy Dalton will start on Sunday against the Vikings. Saints offensive coordinator Pete Carmichael says Dalton is up to the task.

“We have a ton of confidence in him. That’s why he’s here,” Carmichael said. “A lot of confidence in Andy.”

Saints head coach Dennis Allen didn’t address the media today, and Carmichael didn’t have much of an update on Winston’s back and ankle injuries.

“They’re just making the best decision for him today,” Carmichael said. “We’ll just see where we are at tomorrow.”

Carmichael also said the Saints are confident in Taysom Hill if he has to play quarterback.

“Taysom’s played for us before, he’s been in that position, he’s taken some snaps for us at quarterback this year, so we have all the confidence in the world in Taysom too if it ever came to that,” Carmichael said.

Asked whether Winston would play if the game were tomorrow, Carmichael didn’t answer, saying that would come from Allen and the trainers.

4 responses to “Saints’ offensive coordinator: No update on Jameis Winston, we’re confident in Andy Dalton

  1. IN Dalton we TRUST!
    “A lot of confidence in Andy.” – Yes! he is more accurate and protects the ball!

  2. Saints season ticket holders should file a class-action lawsuit against the team. I have no skin in the game with the Saints, but that team has as good of a 52-man roster as any team in the league. You can argue some are better, you can argue the Saints are better, reasonable people will agree they’re a top 5 roster in the league. Yet Saints management (not sure if this was driven by football ops management, non-football ops management (if so the financial folks) or both) decided, through the entire 8-mos offseason, that Jaemis Winston was going to be their QB?! You didn’t need 3 games of this season, it’s well-known, beyond obvious, that Jaemis Winston has no business and hasn’t for 4-5 yrs now, in being a starting NFL QB, yet Saints management “sold” the idea that he should lead a Super Bowl capable roster?! Saints management is either unqualified to do their jobs (but then how did they build a great 52 man roster) or the Winston decision is purposeful, willful neglect and purposeful fraud on season ticket holders. Fans, for some reason, likely because it’s much harder to organize than for players or team management, don’t use the power that they truly have. A few class-action lawsuits would help equalize the scales of lady justice for fans who pay to go to NFL games.

  3. Forget muddling through coaching ambiguous double speak jerry jones has patented. To find the answer to who is starting, check the las vegas odds line.

  4. Winston is playing with a transverse fracture. No one is questioning his toughness, but previous players with this injury have simply been unable to truly perform with consistency. Considering how steady the Saints are on both sides of the ball, Dalton’s “game manager+” style may be better at this point, especially if they can get some snaps to Hill as well, even if he’s just handing it off, or running simple RPOs – just to throw defenses off. Even if it’s just a handful of games to let Winston recover, though the fracture will take months to completely heal, it seems to make more sense to have Winston ready at the end of the season. And if Dalton has the hot hand then? Andy has proven himself to be a solid QB. Better to have two QBs ready, than a banged up one, and another not up to speed.

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