Xavien Howard on sideline with groin injury

Miami Dolphins v Cincinnati Bengals
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Dolphins cornerback Xavien Howard was questionable to play with groin and glute injuries. He started, but the Bengals have picked on him knowing he isn’t 100 percent.

Howard now is standing on the sideline with his right leg wrapped in ice.

He aggravated his right groin injury.

Although the Dolphins list him as questionable to return, he doesn’t look like that will happen tonight.

Howard has two tackles.

The Bengals now regained the lead 17-15 on a 19-yard field goal by Evan McPherson with 12 minutes left in the fourth quarter.

6 responses to “Xavien Howard on sideline with groin injury

  1. What else is new. Once everything gets toasted a few times he bails.
    Groin ans hamstring injuries are mostly from lack of stretching properly. Lack of dedication of taking care of yourself.
    No chance these rookies can hang on without Howard

  2. That’s right, 1-2 and 1-3 after Sunday. And if you were really a Miami fan you would know last year they stunk it up in September

  3. He couldn’t keep up last nite so he pulled himself out of game with another injury. Dolphins will be looking for faster DB next year.

  4. The independent team doctor said this elbow injury should be fine for the Dolphins’ next game.

  5. Pulled groin? More like he got a bad case of Tee-itis. It’s ok, it effect many overpaid corners in the NFL and it’s very contagious.

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