Cam Heyward: I have to be a better player with T.J. Watt out

Pittsburgh Steelers v Cleveland Browns
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The Steelers have lost both games they’ve played without linebacker T.J. Watt this season and that fits with a trend that’s played out over the course of his career.

Pittsburgh has gone 0-6 when they have taken the field without Watt since he joined the team during the 2017 season and he’ll miss at least two more games, so it would behoove the 1-2 Steelers to find a way to end that streak. Defensive end Cam Heyward thinks he and everyone else on the defense has to push themselves to new heights to make up for what’s missing.

“For me, I look at it as I have to step up,” Heyward said, via Joe Rutter of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. “I have to be a better player on the field. It’s not me replacing T.J. It’s my technique that has to be a lot better. I think every player should look to do that. Every player should look toward raising their level when you’ve got guys out.”

The Steelers have also made a change to the starting lineup — Montravius Adams replaces Tyson Alualu at nose tackle — so there are multiple avenues to go down on the defensive side of the ball in an attempt to get a win against the Jets this weekend. There’s also a big role for the offense to play, of course, and having all the pieces fall into place would be a good sign for what might be coming for the Steelers.

2 responses to “Cam Heyward: I have to be a better player with T.J. Watt out

  1. Cam Heyward the only player I’ve ever respected on the Steelers. Aside from that you already do enough it’s other guys that need to pull there weight not you.

  2. Cam already gives every ounce of energy he has to every down he’s on the field the problem is that TJ Watt is such a dynamic player we don’t have another lb or de that can do what he does and it would be the same dilemma for the orher 31 teams if he played for them.

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