JC Tretter: We need to figure out how, why a player with “no-go” symptom was allowed on the field

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NFL Players Association president JC Tretter has issued a statement regarding Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa and the ongoing investigation into how Tagovailoa was allowed to return to play in the Week Three matchup against Buffalo.

In the statement, Tretter calls for potential changes to the current concussion protocol.

“We are all outraged by what we have seen the last several days and scared for the safety of one of our brothers,” Tretter writes. “What everyone saw both Sunday and last night were “no-go” symptoms within our concussion protocols. The protocols exist to protect the player and that is why we initiated an investigation.

“Our job as the NFLPA is to take every possible measure to get the facts and hold those responsible accountable. We need to figure out how and why the decisions were made last Sunday to allow a player with a “no-go” symptom back on the field.

“Until we have an objective and validated method of diagnosing brain injury, we have to do everything possible, including amending the protocols, to further reduce the potential of human error. A failure in medical judgment is a failure of the protocols when it comes to the well being of our players.

“We have come a long way over the past 15 years but the last week proves how far we have left to go.”

NFL chief medical officer Allen Sills said in an interview with NFL Network on Friday that the investigation into Tagovailoa’s return to play is ongoing and that the league will publicly release all findings.

13 responses to “JC Tretter: We need to figure out how, why a player with “no-go” symptom was allowed on the field

  1. If a wristwatch can detect a car crash, we all know that similar technology can be incorporated into a helmet and wirelessly monitored by the League on the sideline. The NFLPA should advocate for a solution that removes the game time emotions of players, coaches, owners, medical staffs, UNC, the League, and others whose financial gains come at the expense of compromised health and safety. In my line of work we have a saying, IF YOU DON’T MEASURE IT YOU CAN’T CONTROL

  2. When a boxer displays symptoms like we all saw on Sunday, the match is over. So the answer is pretty simple, if someone appears to be out on their feet they should be pulled for the remainder of the game and evaluated all week.

  3. Agree with Tretter. Tua showed signs of a concussion right after the hit on Sunday. That should have been enough to require that Tua not play for a couple of weeks.

    Right now, there is no way for doctors to examine brains for signs of damage, so they give cognitive tests, which are fallible. It’s one thing for a doctor to look at xrays and MRS to see if bones and soft tissue are damaged, but they can’t do that with brains.

    Hits to the head need to be taken more seriously. Being woozy after a hit is a HUGE sign….and unfortunately, was ignored by the NFL doctors.

    Jason McCourty, on Good Morning Football, said that friends and family of the players need to help. He said that if he had take na hit like Tua took, on Sunday, that his wife would have told him not to play…..and she would have been correct.

    The NFL and especially the individual teams have too much invested to be able to make a call that would be best for the players health. Players, with help from family and friends, needto be advocates for their own health.

  4. Lot of accusations for someone without a medical degree (to my knowledge) and who wasn’t tending to Mr. Tagovailoa after the hit. Let the investigation proceed/conclude and let the doctors involved speak. Mr. Tretter says he knows everything that happened, so I guess an investigation might not be necessary. It is always possible the doctors made mistakes. They are human (I realize union leaders are infallible).

  5. NFL chief medical officer Allen Sills said “the league will publicly release all findings”… don’t you mean the league will give it the Daniel Snyder treatment? Nothing written, nothing to see here, move along.

  6. The problem with the NFL concussion protocol is that it is fallible. Sometimes, symptoms of a concussion do not even show up for a day or two. If a player takes a hit to the head, and is woozy right after the play, he should not be allowed to keep playing.

  7. Every time Tretter talks he reinforces why he’s not playing on a team right now. Didn’t realize he had a medical degree. This guy is full off hot air and verbal vomit.

  8. Funny that the Players Association is OUTRAGED when 95% of their members woul lie about, and have lied about, symptoms in order to keep playing. In fact the assumption right now is that Tua is one of them…

  9. J.C.Tretter has good intentions,however he and the players association fought for and got the current rules changed that led to Tua being evaluated and being allowed to play. He was evaluated by an independent physician and determined that he was dealing with a back injury not a head injury. So he was allowed to continue to play. So the rules were followed as set up and if that wasn’t enough that isn’t a Miami Dolphins problem. That is J.C. Tretter opening his mouth and admitting that they didn’t do enough to protect their players. He doesn’t know what Tua’s injury was on Sunday he just spouted off,so now after last night his only defense is to assume
    that both were concussions. So what’s the real problem? The players association because they have egg on their face after watching what happened Sunday and then seeing something similar last night.
    It was on the association to make sure that a player was pulled after what we saw on Sunday and they failed to make sure that’s what happened. When will they be represented in the room?

  10. Love the people trying to blame the person with actual brain damage for not being properly introspective in the moment.

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