Jimmy Garoppolo on viral clip of something he said: “I can’t read lips”

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Usually, when someone is asked to read lips, the lips in question belong to another person. Regarding a viral clip that requires reading the lips of 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, Garoppolo expressed ignorance of what was said.

Of what he said.

On Friday, Garoppolo was asked whether he was saying in the clip, “Your plays suck, man.”

“I’ve heard about this clip,” Garoppolo said. “Actually, yeah, we were talking about it yesterday. I don’t know, I can’t read lips. I’m sure I’ve said a lot worse things on the field than that, so I’m glad they caught that rather than something else, but I’m not sure exactly what I was saying, but it is what it is.”

Jimmy, I can’t read lips, either. But I’m pretty sure I could make an educated guess while reading my own lips.

Garoppolo then was asked the broader question of whether friction exists between Garoppolo and coach Kyle Shanahan, or whether his comments were simply made in the “heat of battle.”

“You say a lot of things in the heat of battle that I hope people don’t hear, but no, me and Kyle are cool,” Garoppolo said. “We really are. We’ve been through a lot of different types of seasons, this being no different, but we’re early on in the season still, so we have to, as a team, find our identity. Me and Kyle obviously, just keep working and getting on the same page more and more, but we’ve been through this before and it’s a long process.”

It sure sounds like Garoppolo did indeed say what it looks like he said. And it surely sounds like he has said a lot worse when things aren’t going well.

Regardless, ESPN will should splurge for a dedicated camera for Garoppolo on Monday night, and maybe hire a real-time lip reader. Just don’t ask Jimmy to read his own lips, no new Texas.

16 responses to “Jimmy Garoppolo on viral clip of something he said: “I can’t read lips”

  1. Bordering on the absurd. If you are so hung up on he said she said, print the transcript of everything the field mikes pick up. Now, THAT would be interesting.

  2. And yet, pleading ignorance and downplaying the situation is 100% the right move. Don’t give the fire any oxygen.

  3. On the Moral Compass Lying Outrages Me Scale of Zero to Ten, where 0 is Spygate and 10 is McVay’s contract, this one ranks about a 4? What do you think

  4. What are the 49ers going to do for quarterback next year?
    Tree Lance did not look good.
    If garoppolo leaves what do they do?

  5. Jimmy is being professional but the worm has turned and he’s slow playing Shanahan and subtly exposing him for all the nonsense he put him and the team through. I like Jimmy more every day.

  6. It is a hard to believe this much drama and to-do is trying to be created behind absolutely nothing. “Move on folks, nothing to see here.”

  7. roughingthepasser says:
    October 1, 2022 at 9:13 am
    What are the 49ers going to do for quarterback next year?
    Tree Lance did not look good.
    If garoppolo leaves what do they do?
    They could always give up 3 more 1st round draft picks lol.

  8. If only Matt Ryan had said that to Shanahan in the 4th quarter of SB 51, the Falcons would have won the title.

  9. Jimmy G looked worse in perfect conditions than Trey Lance did in a monsoon.

  10. Some coaches are grossly over-rated . . . I’ve never considered either Shanahan as top drawer.

  11. The 49ers are falling apart, right? What a joke. The 49ers, with their backup QB, are favored to win Monday Night against the current world champion L.A. Rams. Nobody is out for the Rams, and the 49ers’ starting QB is out. Let me repeat; the 49ers are favored to beat the healthy world champions and do it with their second string QB. And everything is all screwed up with the 49ers? Now folks, both those can’t be right. They’re completely opposite of one another. Argue your point to an intelligent person and see how they respond.

  12. the only reason Shanahan has a job is because of his Pops. He stinks and his plays suck too. Jimmi G. rules

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